Spiritual Journey Part 3

Nanice Ellis

After a year of inner and outer turmoil, I looked for and found the single question that would be my inner guide, "Knowing what I know now, how do I live my life?"  It was November 2011. I went back to Peru.  On the top of Huayna Picchu, above Machu Picchu, I sat on the edge of a cliff and asked this very question.  I was shown that my life is a divine gift and it has the absolute potential to be anything that I desire it to be.  The fact that it is a dream only means that it can be shaped and created according to the dreamer.  Nothing is set in stone.  Everything is instantly changeable, just like it is in a night time dream.  No difference.  I was shown that the only purpose is the one that I assign and the only point is that I get to assign the purpose. In other words, my life is a drawing board and I can draw anything that I desire.  If I want to draw war, I can have war.  If I want to draw love, I get love.  I can be, do or have anything that I desire.  I could look back on my life and now see how I "drew" certain experiences to me.  Up high on this cliff, I was shown to do only that which I love to do, and that which brings me joy.  Ahh... this is where the joy and bliss come in.  It's not automatic with waking up.  I have to choose it and create it for myself.  

I started to think, "Without a world to save or anything to fix, what brings me the most joy?"  Another great question.  The answer was so clear and simple.  Being with my family, writing, doing the radio show that I had been doing for 3 years, traveling, yoga, coaching."  There were no great plans attached to this short list.  There was no purpose other than what unfolds in the moment.  There was no where to go and really nothing to do.  It was all very simple.  I get to enjoy this thing called my life, in any way that I choose.  A sudden sense of freedom washed over me and I felt as if I could fly off that cliff, and in my mind I did in fact soar above the peaks and valleys of one of the most sacred sites in the world - all the while knowing, it wasn't real.  .  

At least now I had some sort of template on how to live my life.  I was no longer in a sense of limbo.  I choose to live and I would make it the best ride I could imagine.  Two questions remained. 

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In grace & gratitude,
Nanice Ellis

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