Spiritual Journey Part 5

Nanice Ellis

The second question is, how do I influence the illusion?   To answer that question, we have to ask another question and that is, what is the illusion?  To me, it appears as a dream state, not always, often it appears quite solid and real.  At the time when reality dissolved before my eyes, there was nothing solid about it.  It was ethereal, just like a dream (I just noticed the word real is in ethereal).  Quantum physics calls it the holographic universe, even a book is written by this name.  We are told by the best quantum scientists in the world that we are living in a giant hologram.  But not only that, but each of us lives in our own holographic universe. This coincides exactly with what I know and experience.  Of course, it is possible that I am making up facts in order to support my reality of non-reality.  Ironically, even if my mind made up all the scientists to support my experience, it would still have to be correct because the thing I believed proved itself.  Are you getting this?  Either reality says, yes you are correct, you are living in a hologram or I am imagining this happening which would also indicate that I am in fact living in a hologram.  The thing is, once you experience it for yourself, you don't need any proof or reassurance, but it is nice.  At least, when I speak about this now, there is science (whether made up or real) that supports the absurdity of which I speak.  If you are interested in books on this subject, email me for a list.  Nanice@Nanice.com. 

So, the illusion is a hologram.  The question than becomes, how does the hologram operate?  I'm not an expert in holograms, but if you are interested, do some research or email me for that book list. This is the best way I can explain it and the way that I personally understand it.  Your mind is the projector of the hologram.  Everything is really happening inside your own mind, but if your body and brain are also holograms, than that just can't be, and it would have to mean that the projector is coming from outside the physical mind. We have come to understand that consciousness exists outside the body so this makes sense, and why consciousness can continue without the physical body.  So the hologram is projected from a mind that exists in and as pure consciousness. That's the projector.  How does it know what to project and when?  

Your sub-conscious mind is like a tape recorder that records and plays.  Everything about you exists in the sub-conscious.  Super-conscious is the all of everything.  It is infinite intelligence.  It is also the light that new agers talk about. This makes sense because the hologram needs a light to shine through the sub-conscious mind  in order to create the illusion of reality.  As the light shines through your subconscious mind, it shines through the beliefs and programs that are stored in your sub-conscious mind.  This is what creates your reality.

I personally believe that it is the shadows in our sub-conscious minds, our wounds, our fears and our false beliefs that create much of our reality.  When we become enlightened, simply without all these shadows, that are casting shadows, what is cast onto the projection screen called our lives is the most divine experience of consciousness.  This is the garden of Eden or heaven on earth as it has been called.  This is enlightenment. I didn't know that until this very moment.  I always wondered, what the difference is between awakening and enlightenment?  They have been used interchangeably but they really are different.  My definition of waking up is having a full on experience of the illusion that permanently changes your life.  My definition of enlightenment is releasing all fears, judgments, false beliefs and everything that goes with all that, and what remains is a transparent subconscious mind that can project the divine light and love of the divine.  This is why I love to write; I always understand something in a new way.  So it doesn't really matter if I am talking to myself.  I'm having a good time. 

We are still addressing question two; we know the illusion is a hologram and the hologram projects through our subconscious minds. So how do we influence or even change the hologram?  We change the hologram by altering our subconscious minds.  How do we know what is in our subconscious minds?  Every moment of our lives is telling us that because it is the projection that we are experiencing.  So now the question is, how do I change my subconscious mind? 

A better question is, how do I re-program my subconscious mind?  I say program because much of the subconscious mind is simply a series of programs. Programs are like templates that are downloadable holograms.  This is the way I have been shown and understand it.  I invite you to discover all this for yourself.  We are born with certain programs or templates in place.  These templates are just holograms and can be cancelled, changed or replaced.  I'm writing a whole book on programs and how to change them so I won't get into it here.  I will say, if you want to re-program your subconscious mind, you have to give it new messages.  You have to stop reacting to what you don't want and give attention to what you do want.  You have to become responsible for everything in your life as if you are creating it, because you are.  You have to become present and give up your fears, wounds and limiting beliefs.  You have to stop believing reality.  You have to become the person who already has that which you desire.  Just like in the wizard of oz - if you want love, you must be loving.  If you want courage, you must become courageous.  Of course, you don't have to do any of this.  Nothing is required.  These are just clues and we will talk more about them later on. 

There are many spiritual books and teachers that tell you that the awakened state means allowing things to be just as they are.  There is no reason to change or alter anything.  Life does what is wants to do and you simply observe and allow.  I totally agree with this and most often I live like this, but I also believe that I am here to have an extraordinary experience and to learn how to influence that experience.  Prior to this conclusion, I was on the fence for a long time.  Am I here to create or am I here to observe?  It was a dilemma for years.  I went back and forth exploring each.  In the end, a union evolved.  I am both the allowing observer and the conscious creator.  I love writing that.  Wisdom comes from knowing when to allow and when to create.  It's a beautiful dance, and it is becoming seamless.  Everyday I learn more and more about this process, and I am in total awe of  the unfolding. 

I am both powerful beyond belief, and as vulnerable as an autumn leaf. 
I am the creator of my reality and also know that my reality isn't real.  If I don't like something out there, I simply change it in here.  I can do, be or have anything.  I only need to align with the version of me that already has it - and I like her.  She's always cool and fun, and so wise.  She always has what I want and shows me how to get there.  Then, of course, there is my past self.

I love her so much.  You see, she has climbed great mountains.  The journey was so long and arduous.  She contemplated defeat more times than she would like to admit, but each time, no matter how tired and emotionally battered, she got up and continued.  Sometimes it was baby steps and other times, it was huge leaps of faith.  But even more than faith, was courage.  She found her heart, her brain, her courage and she found her way home.  She also discovered that she, herself, was the wizard behind the curtain, dictating every move and experience. There was no one to blame or guilt; not even herself.  She did the best she could and it was good, very, very good.  I love her so much, and she had to become everything I am in order for this true love to unfold.  I can only hope that there is some future self speaking to me now, loving me as much as I love her.  I am sure there is.  I can feel it now......

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In grace & gratitude,
Nanice Ellis


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