Spiritual Journey Part 7 - what about god?

Nanice Ellis

What about god in all this? I spent my whole life looking for god.  I even wrote a song about it (link below).  It seemed so hard to find.  So difficult to understand. In search of god, I traveled to the pyramids of Egypt and many sacred sites and ancient ruins around the world, and when I finally found god in the jungles of Peru, I realized that I had missed what was right before my eyes all along.

The longest night of my life was in the jungle, and as I battled the darkness, it became evident that my only defense was love. I filled myself up with love from the inside out and I projected it out onto the darkness, until the darkness melted and dissolved into  love - into light.  As love overcame the dark, I became love. Or rather, as I became love, I overcame the dark.  The love that I found was so pure and beautiful, I wished for nothing more.  I no longer cared about finding god.  I had found love - nothing else mattered.  In my blindness from the love spell, I missed what was right before my eyes. I went looking for god and I found love.  God was Love. Love was God. 

When you finally find something that you are seeking, it often feels as if you always had it. 

God is love, and it is also what I call super-consciousness, the creator, infinite supply, universe, the divine and a host of other names.  I also call it water, earth, sky, mountains, house, mouse, book, floor, ceiling, apples, bananas - you get the idea.  I look around now and anything that I can name or not name is god.  Everything in material creation and unmanifested is god, because there is nothing more.  Everything and everyone is made out of god. This is why you can say, "I Am God" and it would be true.  Everyone is made out of god, because there is nothing else to be made out of.  It's that simple.  Once you find what you are looking for, you can see it anywhere... and everywhere. 

It's easy to go to the mountains, the ocean or some sacred site and experience god, but can you also experience god in the eyes of a homeless man, the weapons of a soldier, the filth of a slum?  Can you find god in the "godless"? When you can, everything becomes so beautiful. 

When I look into your eyes, I see god.  I see the perfect expression of god in you. This is how god chooses to express itself through you.  When you open and express yourself, you are allowing the divine to shine through.  When you close, you repress that same divine.  It takes a great deal more energy to repress than express.  Fear makes us repress - fear of rejection.  Fear of loss.  Fear of not being seen, understood or loved.  When we repress ourselves, we are the ones rejecting and not loving ourselves; and we cut ourselves off from the divine love flowing to us and through us. This is painful, and this pain makes us want to open and express who we really are.  We have reached a time in our human evolution where we are coming out  - we are blooming - we are becoming beautiful butterflies.  As we spread our wings, we shine brightly with the light and love of that which we are.  We open to pure expression - and our lives become the canvas for which god paints upon.  This is Love.  This is God.

In grace & gratitude,

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