Staying Young at Heart

Nanice Ellis

Staying Young at Heart

Staying young at heart really doesn't happen in the heart - it happens in the mind. We are as old or as young as we think. Have you ever noticed that the more serious a person is, the older they seem, while light hearted people always seem to be younger than their chronological age? Life is not meant to be serious. Life is meant to be fun and adventurous. When we get in habits and patterns of doing the same things day in and day out, we lose our zest for life and living.

The true secret to living young is to approach each day as a new possibility for adventure and experience. When we approach each day with a sense of dread or even expectation that it will be as it was the day before, we age ourselves. Who needs to stay young for a boring life? Who needs to keep living the same bland day over and over? Those who stay young at heart look upon their lives as a canvas - ready to paint.

Most of us have internal lists of things we always wanted to do but for one reason or another never did. Many times the excuse for not doing those things is because we feel too old. The ironic thing is that living those dreams is what will keep us young and even reverse the aging process. What is it you always wanted to do? Is it write a book, jump out of a plane, volunteer, meet a new partner, sing in a choir or dance in the fountain? Whatever it is that is calling you will be the exact thing that will keep you young at heart - and your body will thank you too. When you are happy and excited about life, your body responds positively and you might just find that you have even more energy to do more of the things you always wanted to do.

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