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Ninety nine percent of the time, those who hurt us really have no intention of hurting us. I realize that this makes it no less painful, but the real pain is not what they do to us but rather what we do to ourselves. Because in order to feel any emotional pain, we must have a pretty good story attached to it. It is the story that actually creates the emotional pain. No story – No pain.

Stories like “he must not care” or “if she loved me, she wouldn’t have done this,” are the breeding ground for so much sorrow. Most of the time, the stories that we tell ourselves, and believe, have more to do with our own personal history, rather than the actual relationship that seems to be the cause. Maybe even that original historic pain was the result of yet another untrue story.

All stories are false – every single one of them; that is why they are called “stories.” They only seem true because we believe them. If you could remove all belief, even for a moment, you would easily see that all stories are make believe. You make believe they are true and for all intents and purposes, they become true. This is really the essence of how we create our own lives and what is called the law of attraction.

Don’t get me wrong – we need stories to live. Without stories, what would life be? Stories make up our lives. Stories are fascinating and compelling. There is nothing wrong with any story. The only problem is, when we give so much power to stories, we create pain for ourselves - and others.

The thing is, every story has a happy ending. If a story is not happy yet, it’s not over. Of course, when we are playing the starring role in a story, it is difficult to see this. It is only when we walk off stage, sit ourselves down in the audience and watch without a need for a particular outcome, that we can see the bigger picture – and there is always a bigger picture - and infinite smaller ones as well.

Life is an intricate dance of infinite possibilities – all playing themselves out behind the curtain, yet before our very eyes. If you can stay conscious long enough - until the "Happily Ever After" - it will all make perfect sense.

Today, may I be awake enough to see beyond the stories that create my life.
May I allow the process of life to unfold and for me to stay out of the way.
If I should experience emotional pain, may I give myself some time to see a greater truth before I spew my pain all over the world.
May I be wise enough and courageous enough to trust life.
And may I remember that who I am is infinitely bigger than any story ever told.
So Be It.

In grace & gratitude,
Nanice Ellis

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