Thanks To Giving

Nanice Ellis

Everything is given to you.
The whole world before you is yours, if only you ask.
This is not about ownership.

If you truly know that your life, and everything in it, is a gift,
the idea of owning anything is limiting and based on scarcity.

You cannot own something that is created by the Creator.
You can, however, openly receive gifts from the Creator,
and you can give in return by sharing those gifts with others.

We are not just talking about material gifts.
We are speaking about the sharing of gifts and talents.
Not hoarding those gifts and talents out of fear or anything else.
Sharing them. Giving them.
When the Creator blesses you with a gift, that gift is meant to be given,
and when it is shared, great joy is experienced by the giver and the receivers.

Hoarding through ownership, creates scarcity.
Sharing through giving, creates abundance.

The Creator is the origin of all inventions, ideas, philosophies, theories - everything.
Each person has a capacity to tap into this intelligence in anyway that they desire.

Often this is inspired by ones gifts and interests.
If someone is interested in flowers, they will tap into the part of Infinite Intelligence that knows everything about flowers.
If someone has a gift for music, they will tap into the part of Infinite Intelligence that is all about music.
Information comes through the person, but it always comes from the same Source, because there is nothing else.

The idea of copyrighting a book or music is rather convoluted.
When you reduce the work to ownership, you lower the value.
The work doesn't really belong to the person sharing it with the world.
The person is simply the channel or maybe caretaker for the work.

Being the channel or caretaker for Infinite Intelligence is enough in itself,

but many people get their needs and issues mixed up in the creation process,
so they need credit, acknowledgement or ownership.

Being tapped into Infinite Intelligence
and the vessel for the Creator's expression through you
is the greatest gift known to man.
The highest place of the most sacred.

As I see that life is a gift from the Creator,
infinite gratitude overflows and fulfills me.
There is plenty more, and so I want to share all that I have.
On this day of thanks giving, I Am Thankful for All that I Get to Give.

In grace & gratitude,


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