The Art Of Blessing

Nanice Ellis

We are taught acceptance, and this is quite beautiful,
except implied in acceptance is non-acceptance.

Often when we say I accept this situation, it is prompted by a feeling of non-acceptance,
and that feeling of non-acceptance is likely strongest in the vibration.

The evolution of acceptance may be allowing,
but even in allowing, there is the essence of non-allowing.
Our intentions are good, but our vibrations betray those intentions.

The evolution of allowing is blessing.

Thee is no duality in blessing.
Bless everything and everyone.
Bless with love.

You might say, why don't you just love everyone and everything
and of course you could,
but the human mind might object.
How can I love crime, poverty, abuse?
The mind objects.
You can however Bless these very same things,
because in the blessing you are neither accepting or not accepting, allowing or not allowing.
There is no duality.
No objection.

I Bless thee, so that the goodness and light shall shine forth.

Bless your day. Bless your partner. Bless your kids. Bless yourself. Bless your challenges.
Go crazy, bless everyone and everything along your path.
If you do this, your entire life will change,
but remember that you cannot bless something and judge it at the same time.

In grace & gratitude,
Nanice Ellis

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