The Calling

Nanice Ellis

The Calling

It cannot be denied - change is in the air. Everywhere we look - life is asking, and even demanding that we change. Sometimes, it is a feeling from deep within that whispers softly; beckoning us to finally follow our dreams - or to dream new dreams. Other times, life demands that we alter our entire lives by forcing us out of our long-term jobs, the place we call home and especially that false sense of security that used to allow us to sleep well at night.

Yes, life is asking us to change and even if we try to avoid it, eventually we realize that there is no place to run; no place to hide. The good news is that life does not whisper in our ears or kick us in the butt without also providing opportunities for great growth and happiness. It may seem as if all the chaos in the world is without purpose and everywhere you look there is fear, but looks are often misleading. Just behind the surface of chaos and fear lies a world that is re-organizing itself for the highest good of all.

As a world community, we have been on a self-destructive path for a very long time. Our world economy has been set up in ways that do not support the whole; for some to thrive or even survive others must suffer or do without. It has been inevitable that world change must occur at some time - that time is now.

Although it may seem scary for many, this is the greatest time in all of history to be alive. You see - we are the way. If you are alive right now, you are a part of the change that is occurring and a contributor to the solution that will ultimately turn our world around and provide generously for all.

It is often challenging to be involved in any kind of change and especially change that is happening on a global level, because there is no longer any way to avoid that inevitable transformation. As much as it is a challenging time, it is also the greatest opportunity in history to make a profound and significant difference. You and I get to be that difference by contributing to world change; effecting billions of people for unlimited generations to come. Imagine that!

Are you the Chosen One?

You don't have to wait for some divine sign that tells you that you are the "one". Instead, you simply have to choose it for yourself.

You are the "chosen one" when you decide you are; no one and nothing can choose it for you.

If you are reading this, it is likely because you have some sort of soul stirring within you; it is as if you feel you are called to do something in the world that makes a profound difference, yet you are waiting for a unmistakable sign. The sign may not come; not because your instincts are wrong but instead because you must choose it for yourself, You must step up to the bat and swing; even if you strike out over and over again.

Many people tell me that they would "do something" if they knew what that "something" was; after speaking with these same people for only a few minutes, it always turns out that they DO know what that "something" is, but they stop themselves from doing it; either because it puts them out of their comfort zones, they must make significant life changes, they must really "show up," they have to own their power or sometimes they don't do that something because it just seems too simple; they think that it couldn't possibly be that easy. It is time to take off the blinders. It is time to listen to the stirring of your soul.

The stirring within you is The Calling. If you look deep enough within yourself, you will find that you do know what to do. You don't need a big omen from the Universe to show you your path; you need only take the first step and the Universe will support you in your choice. It is a choice that you must make for yourself; when you do, all else will be revealed in Divine Time.

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