The Choice

Nanice Ellis

The Choice

Just before I awake -

a choice requires to be made.

I must surrender all at stake.

The alarm is blaring and won't go off.

The sirens screaming.

I can't breathe through my cough.

"In" must I journey - to find my way back.

Look at how much

in my way I have stacked?

I fear too far - I have roamed

I cannot find a single sign

pointing home.

The choice is one of life or death.

Heads or tails -

It's a good bet!

The darkest dark and lightest light

teases, beckons -

finds me hopeless in the night.

No longer can I run and hide.

My gig is over -

although I've tried and tried.

Good and evil declares its flag.

In this random game of tag.

No longer is it me or you -

in this silly game of peak-a-boo.

If I should die before I wake -

I pray the lord

my soul to take.

In grace & gratitude,

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