The Courage to Be Your Real Self!

Nanice Ellis

Who would you be if no one was looking? Would you dance in the streets? Would you paint your house purple? Would you open your heart and let love pour out? Who would you be if no one was looking? There is a pull toward authenticity like never before. Many of us are moving away from the desire to "fit in" and moving toward the desire to just be ourselves. So why is being yourself the hardest thing to do? Maybe because it first requires that you love and appreciate yourself and give yourself permission to express yourself in ways that might not be acceptable to others. Let's face it, it's hard to be judged. The thing is, if you look at anyone who judges you for being yourself, I guarantee that they are not being themselves. People only judge others if they fear judgement themselves or if they judge themselves; likely both. Truly Authentic people don't judge because they see the beauty in unique expression even if it is a little off the charts. They love themselves so they love everyone. When you express your real self, others feel safe to be themselves as well and just giving this one gift to the world blesses everyone.

Want to know more about what it takes to be your real self? Read this life-changing article on the The Courage to be Your Real Self -

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