The Dream

Nanice Ellis

The Dream

Imagine, tonight you go to sleep and dream that your neighbor does horrible and abusive things to you. This might mean that he graffiti's your house, hurts your pet or does even worse. In the dream you have a great sense of anger, hurt and a desire for revenge. When you wake up in the morning and realize that it was just a dream, all desires for revenge disappear. You realize that your neighbor is innocent because you made it all up in your sleep and he really didn't do anything to you.

The next night, you once again dream that your neighbor does cruel and unjust things to you, but this time, in the dream, you decide to get revenge and you go next door to make him stop. In an out of control rage, you end up killing him. You feel overwhelming guilt and remorse in the dream but once you wake up and remember it was just a dream - you see yourself and your neighbor as innocent. No one was really hurt because it was just a dream.

The next night you have the same dream about your neighbor but just as you are about to get revenge you remember that you are dreaming. You remember that you are the dreamer of the dream and that none of what you are dreaming is real. As your neighbor answers the door, in your dream, you see him as a creation of you as the dreamer - and now, even in the dream, you know him to be innocent. Suddenly, any desire for revenge is replaced with love and fascination. You realize that as you blamed your neighbor, you have really been hurting yourself all along and that even in the dream there really is only one - and that one is you.

You wake up from the dream and hear a knock on your door. You get up, open your door and you are surprised to find that very same neighbor in real life. You invite him in - suddenly seeing him very different than you ever have before. He leans in close to you and gently whispers "Wake up - you're still dreaming".

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