The Freedom of Now

Nanice Ellis

This moment is so rich in possibilities to place your awareness and attention.
Any of these thousands upon thousands of possibilities
hold the infinite potential to bring you unbounded joy.

The air that you breath.
The sun beating down upon you.
The ground of flowers or even cement upon which you step.
The photos on the wall or the photos in the sky.
Infinite possibilities dancing specifically for you
in your unique and sacred Universe.

Every bit of life that you place your awarenesss on
is paying attention to you
just as you are paying attention to it.

The hillside that you climb
and the trees that support you along the way
are all eagerly giving you their undivided and unconditional love.
Yes, even the trees are loving you now.
Everywhere you look, you are witnessing your life loving you.

Even when life seems not to love,
it is loving you,
sometimes even more - if that is even possibly.

Are you now waking up to this moment that holds everything that you desire?
Maybe you are thinking of what you don't have,
but do you really need what you don't have in THIS moment.
Be here now, and other moments will provide just as plentiful for you as this one.

And when you get out of the way with your worry of lack,
Life can flow even more abundance to you.
If you can live this way, moment to moment,
without fear or concern of not enough,
you will blissfully discover that every moment is complete
and the possibilities for Joy are endless.
Right here. Right Now.

In grace & gratitude,

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