The GODFREY Experiment

Nanice Ellis

This work in progress is my explanation of the creation process; why we are all one and what makes us All GOD. The Godfrey Experiment

There was once a show that never aired called "Godfrey's Experiment." In the last few minutes of Godfrey's Experiment - the main character, Godfrey, realizes that he is the one responsible for creating the problem he has been trying to solve for the whole show. As Godfrey realizes that he is responsible for everything that happened in his life through an initial experiment in time travel he created (an experiment is a thought that manifests in creation) - he instantly realizes that his entire life and who he is - is simply an experiment as well and originated with a preceding thought. As he realizes that he does not exist other than a thought in the form of an experiment, he also realizes that he created the world he lives in as an experiment as well. But not just the world, he created the Galaxy and even the Universe where ALL exists as an experiment. Everything came about out of nothing because of Godfrey's initial experiment - which begin with the first thought. Godfrey wakes up to the realization that everything he experiences is simply a manifestation of connecting thoughts. He is the dreamer of all thoughts - from the first one to infinity.

Suddenly, he understands Creation.

The first stroke of creation was a simple thought of Godfrey. Since the whole is contained in all parts - there is nothing else to make it out of (nothing exists). Since All parts of Godfrey are contained within every part - that means that every part has consciousness and can "think" for itself (just as Godfrey) - and therefore choose. Each choice is manifested within Godfrey - Godfrey remains whole - he is only thinking these things - no energy is used, created or destroyed in the thinking. Each part of the whole no matter how many times it multiples, and each of those multiples multiply, will be manifested in thought without preference or judgment (they are just explorations that come from one original source.) Thoughts think themselves to be real but the only real part is Godfrey - who had the original thought. He is not even the original thought. He is the thinker and everything happens within the context of his ever expanding mind.

No thoughts are real because they are made out of nothing. They are just thoughts exploring themselves - as in a dream. For consciousness to explore consciousness without end, it must keep doing what it is doing and that is creating a dream by thinking into being - if it ceases to do this, it is not what it is (which is impossible). All pieces of the puzzle are Godfrey's thought process and are contained within Godfrey.

We are so far within the layers and complexity of Godfrey's dream that we believe we are real. But the only real part of us is Godfrey who by creator of the experiment must project his wholeness equally into each creation. He puts 100 percent of nothing into everything. He is only having thoughts explore themselves within his mind. Our lives are a single thought leading to another thought to another thought and another one after that. Every thought we have manifests into creation. We are not experiencing every thought wave because we are only aware of the thought we choose. Think about all the ones you think but don't choose - they are living on. These Other thought waves are being experienced by the thought that came out of that thought and so on down the line. Each thought creates its own universe - there is no end. Each universe is its own vibration and therefore is distinguishable from other thought universes. This explains - parallel universes. Each thought is created into form the proceeding thought. Therefore, potentiality is simply each thought manifested and continuing the creation process.

To change our lives at any moment, we just need to choose a series of different thoughts.

All around us - in the people we see and the problems in the world - we are just witnessing other thoughts manifested into other thoughts. All of which started with the original thought. When we reach a collective thought - that we are all one - then the collective dream changes and all parts within that greater part move together in harmony - as one thought - one world - one universe. This is the Dreamer waking up.

So as Godfrey wakes up to realize that he is the thinker, the dreamer - and that everything around him is his creation, he realizes that he loves all his creations equally because they are a part of him and without one part, the whole does not exist and therefore the parts would no longer exist either. Every part relies equally on every other part for creation. Every thought matters and effects every other thought. No one thought is more important. No one part is more important. The parts are ALL simply thoughts - thoughts exploring themselves and creating more thoughts. As Godfrey realizes that every thought/part is the whole of him, he feels enormous love for every thought ever had. Every thought ever explored through consciousness is honored and revered by him - no matter how beautiful or how heinous - they are just thoughts that offer opportunities to choose again and again until harmony is reached, and he wakes up. There is no such thing as good or bad - they are simply experiments in actions. This consciousness exploring all thoughts is his own-self. Only his consciousness could be exploring all thoughts - nothing else exist because they are just thoughts within him. It is all him. He is aware of all thoughts equally because they are happening within the consciousness of him.

As he loves and cherishes all parts equally, He experiences love for him-self - complete and without conditions. The love of all the parts is within him and therefore makes up him. He is pure love - further making all parts of him pure love as well. Everything is therefore Pure Love.

As he realizes that everything he ever combated or struggled against was within him, He begins to laugh without end - the joke is never over - it goes on eternally. When we reach a state of ecstasy or bliss, we have surrendered the dream enough to experience the belly laugh of Godfrey. Godfrey laughs even harder as he speaks to himself and says "I Am all that I am. I simply am. I AM.

More Thoughts ..


We are living in the mind of GOD - with every thought we expand. If we were to trace all our thoughts back to the original one - we would each realize that we are GOD dreaming infinite dreams - and that we are ALL ONE. We all come from the first thought.

The closer we get to awakening - the less power the dream holds over us.

The closer we get to awakening - the more clues we notice; ones that we left for ourselves.

When we have remembered enough to experience ourselves waking up as Godfrey, time and space cease to exist because we find ourselves no-where and there is only nothing. Nowhere and Nothing has no source of measurement. It all is. It is as it is.

Every thought happens simultaneously and only appears to be linear because thoughts forget they are thoughts and this is of a slower vibration.

The more we forget that we are originated from the original thought in the mind of nothing, the slower/denser we experience things. As we begin to wake up, the vibration is stronger and things move faster (and we can control them - it is our experiment).

Our only job is to record our part of the experiment and the only way we can do that is by paying attention now. Always paying attention now. Another thought form of us will pay attention other than "our now". Pay attention to what you choose. Choose what you want to pay attention to. It is that simple. This is how we create.

When you pay attention to what you choose and you begin to think consciously, your thoughts begin to evolve and those thoughts are then evolved. Conscious Manifestation occurs.

The more we remember - the more we experience the ecstasy of the one last laugh which is ours. Without time - the laugh is happening at the same time as the very first thought.

Time moves forward and backwards because we can retrace thoughts at any time. When we know we are a thought, we can also choose to experience a different thought that might have already happened in the context of time or may happen in what we consider our future. As a thought - knowing it is a thought - we can choose to be any thought. A thought must forget it is a thought for an experience to pretend to be happening.

By the way, Godfrey is on a sleep-wake cycle just like you and me so creation never ends.

Just a thought....

In grace & gratitude,

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