The Law of Prosperity - How to Make it Work for You!

Nanice Ellis

There is not just one law in the Universe that governs all. There exist multi-level laws in our Universe. Your personal vibration dictates what laws apply to you and your life, at any given moment. This means that we cannot expect higher laws to serve us when we are not a vibrational match to those laws.

The laws of the Universe are subject to our personal versions of reality, which is dictated by our thoughts and beliefs which in turn creates our individual vibration. Your vibration is an energy that you emit which is a magnet to the world around you.

All meta-physical laws are vibrational laws and you activate them by aligning vibrationally. For example, the law of karma may exist on a lower level but not on a higher level. Spiritual practice teaches us higher laws, such as the Law of Prosperity. Yet, when we try to invoke the law of prosperity, we often fall short, because we are actually vibrating with the law of scarcity.

For example, if you try to rationalize a purchase by declaring that you are governed by the law of prosperity, but you don’t really believe it, the active vibration in your energy field would be one of scarcity, so that is the law that you invoke. The law of scarcity will predominate because your vibration aligns with this law.

Yes, you can command a law into effect but your vibration, which is created through your thoughts and beliefs, must be aligned with your command. You must vibrate at the same level as your command! You cannot fool the law of prosperity or overcome the law of scarcity with only words or affirmations. Do not abuse the law of prosperity by using it to justify your actions because it will not work and it will back fire. “The Secret” will not work if you are not vibrationally in alignment with the law.

Most of us associate money with prosperity but money is simply a symbol of prosperity in our physical world. Money may measure prosperity but money is not and can never be prosperity. You cannot eat, drink or breathe money. Maybe there is so much scarcity around money because intrinsically we know that money is not prosperity and we keep looking to it as if it is. We can never have enough money to feel prosperous. The outward search for prosperity is an alignment with scarcity.

In fact, the outward search for anything is an alignment with scarcity. Every time we desire something in order to fill an empty space in our lives, we align with scarcity. The world hypnotizes us into a continuous desire for what we don’t have, and no matter how much we do attain, it is never enough. I am not saying that we should never want anything, and we are supposed to live like paupers. It is okay to want things. The problem unfolds, when you try to use things to fill that empty space inside. This dynamic makes “wants” seem like needs. You can never fill that empty space with anything external, so every “want” that you do acquire is tossed into the black hole within – making the internal emptiness bigger and bigger. Of course, you always have everything you need to fill that black hole – because the only thing that can ever fill that empty space is you. The point is, first become fulfilled inside and then you can see what you really want – which has everything to do with prosperity. This is the first step in aligning with the law of prosperity.

An Energetic Tune Up

The second step in aligning with the law of prosperity is an energetic tune up. This means that you must “Tune Your Vibration Up”.

If your thoughts are negative and you often feel down, your vibration is low. The law of prosperity exists on a higher vibration – if you feel happy, positive and energized, you are likely vibrating at a higher vibration. The law of prosperity will not come down and meet you. If you want this law to work for you, you must rise up to meet it. You must raise your vibration in order to invoke the Law of Prosperity.

This means that instead of chasing the ego-attainment of anything, you align with the abundance of the Universe that flows through you and all around you. It is in everything you see, do, and experience. You are at the center of this abundance. You are the very essence of prosperity.

Our ego-minds tend to look for what is missing or lacking and this aligns us with scarcity, but you are not your ego-mind. You can make a conscious choice to place your awareness on the abundance that is already in your life – right now – things like air, water, nature, love, kindness, food, wisdom…. Thinking about having an abundance of air to last your whole life and having unlimited love to share, can make you feel incredibly prosperous.

When you experience yourself as prosperous, you raise your vibration and you align with the law of prosperity. You get what you give. When you give off a vibration of prosperity, the Universe gives you more prosperity.

Finally, the law of prosperity is the law of love. Vibrate with love and you are infinitely prosperous. This means love life, love what you do, love your family, love your friends, love who you are, love the planet, love the Universe. Find anything and everything to love. The more you love, the higher you raise your vibration. The higher your vibration, the more you will naturally tune into the vibration of prosperity, but don’t be surprised if you discover that the Beatles were right all along, and “All You Need Is Love,” because Love is All You Need.

With Grace & Gratitude 

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