The Miracle Making Formula

Nanice Ellis

The Miracle Making Formula

Create Miracles Everyday with this simple formula:

1. Drop the Story

Drop all your stories for the day. This means that you let go of the stories of how things have to be, the stories of how they have been before now, the stories of how things will be, the stories about what is possible and what is not, the stories about how others should act and last but not least, the stories about yourself. When you drop all your stories, you drop all your limitations and when you drop all your limitations, you open up to an Infinite Place of Possibility where Miracles are Abundant.

2. Set an Intent

Once your stories are released, set an intent for the day. An intent is not a story. An intent is something that you intend for that day. When an intent is set without a story attached, the intent becomes the "driving force" for the day. Instead of being driven by the story of your life which may or may not support you, your new driving force is your intent and you are operating from a clean slate of possibility; and moving toward that which you desire.

3. Surrender to Love

Once your intent has been clear and established, simply Surrender to Love. When we surrender to love, we let go of even that which we intend and a source greater than us can go to work and create and orchestrate the kind of Miracles that make up the best of "Happy Ending Fairy Tales."

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