The Money God!

Nanice Ellis

How many of us have made money our god? Whenever there is a decision to make, we turn to money for the answer. Whenever plans are asking to be made, we make money the deciding factor for whether we stay or go. Money has been the cause of break ups, break downs and endless cases of insecurity and fear. Money has become our god, and not only our god but an unfair, unwise and judgmental god at that.

How many of your choices are based on how much money you have in the bank or how little money you have in your pocket?

Does fear rise to the surface of your heart when you believe that your home, your survival and even that of your children is dependent on money? It's fascinating that most of us have given our power to something that doesn't even really exist. Money has become no more than numbers passing from one computer to another. There is not even enough printed money to represent those computer numbers. And those numbers aren't secured by anything other than our belief in them and of course the power we give them.

We are giving all our power to something that doesn't even exist.

My grandson's yellow rubber ducky is more real than money. At least the duck holds water. Does something feel intrinsically wrong about all this? Maybe you can't wrap your mind around a higher truth, but that doesn't mean there isn't a higher truth. There always is. Always.

What would your life be like, if you fired the money god? How would your life suddenly and maybe even drastically change if you took all your power back from money? Can you feel a sense of freedom just from thinking those thoughts?

It is time to take our power back from money. It is time for this master to become the servant. But if money is not the master, what is? Money has not been responsible for keeping you alive. Money has not even been responsible for feeding you, keeping a roof over your head or the best vacation you ever had. Money is not responsible for your prosperity, health or well being. Everything that you have and all your experiences are not due to some discriminating physical force but are a direct and unconditional manifestation or creation of consciousness - the Source of all that is.

We transcend money by remembering that our physical and infinite well being is provided by the same Source that has created us and keeps the world spinning perfectly each day. Divine, dependable Source is responsible for all the good and abundance that we have ever experienced and ever will. We ask for what we desire and Source always says yes. There is no negotiation or hesitation. Just a steadfast and unconditional yes. But instead of allowing our desires to manifest in what we call reality, we look to money to answer our prayers and in so doing we stop the flow.

We transcend money when we empower ourselves through the self realization of who we really are, and we remember that money is not the source of our prosperity and well being but rather an extension and expression of the one true Source. Money is not made by corporations, governments or those in the illusion of control. Money, as is all else, is created by the same Source that creates life itself.

Your abundance and all around you, including your physical form, comes from one Source and one Source only. This Source loves you deeply and unconditionally, and brings to you all that you need, desire and even appreciate - just for the sake of experience. This Source never withholds because you have been bad, unworthy or unlovable. In the eyes of Source, you are whole, worthy and unconditionally lovable - without question, apology or hesitation. If you see yourself as less-than in any way, it is only because you are looking through the blind eyes of condition, - and old programming that do not serve you.

No longer must you meet the demanding conditions of money, but instead, surrender unconditionally to the love that flows to you endlessly, abundantly and without sacrifice. Whatever form or formless that this love flows to you, let it be and you will discover that it will be exactly what you need, when you need it - including money.

Let it Be - by the Beatles -

In grace & gratitude,

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