The One and Only Power to Change Anything

Nanice Ellis

As soon as you try to change another, you dis-empower yourself. 

You cannot change another because the issue is always in you.
In order to effect the outside world, you must release the issue in you.
Because you see, there is no outside world...outside of you.
The outside world is a manifestation of your consciousness.
The only thing that you are ever experiencing is your own consciousness.

Is there anything at all that you are not experiencing through your personal consciousness? Really think about this.

The thing is, you are not just experiencing life through your consciousness, you are first and foremost creating life through your consciousness. The world, as you know it, is a reflection of you.

Your consciousness manifests in reality through the filter of your beliefs.

Whatever you believe, you will unconsciously seek and perceive.
The Universe will manifest the corresponding reality.

Believe it.
Perceive it.
Receive it.

Since no beliefs are true, and they are all made up, you can change your world by changing your beliefs.

How do you do this?
First, identify the Outside Issue.
Second, find the belief that is manifesting this issue.
Third, take responsibility for this belief.
Fourth, choose to release this belief.
Fifth, develop a supportive belief that will result in the outward experience that you desire.
Six, re-affirm this new belief until it becomes an integral aspect of your consciousness.

For example, if someone is treating you poorly, find the corresponding belief that is responsible for this experience. Maybe it is something like, I am not worthy.

Take responsibility for this belief. It is not necessary to know where it came from; just take responsibility for it now.

Notice how this belief has manifested in other experiences in your life.
How might your life be different without this belief?

Decide to release this belief. This means that you Ban It, and all beliefs like it, from your consciousness. If it should come to mind, you immediately say No and imagine it dissolving.

Replace it with an empowering belief that supports a reality that you desire. In this case, the new belief might be, I AM Worthy.

Commit to this new belief, and reaffirm it fifty times a day, if need be... until it is ingrained in your consciousness.

Take actions that support this new belief; and especially treat yourself, in such a way, that honors this new belief.

The old program of, I am not worthy may play on for a while, but ignore all evidence that supports the old belief. If you do not give it energy, eventually it will wind down and turn off. This may sound like a lot of work, but it is a great deal more work to deal with the tangible results of dis-empowering patterns.

Once a new empowering belief is in place, your life will effortlessly reflect this belief, and positive results will be experienced.

The key is to become 100% responsible for your life. Not from a space of shame or self-blame but rather from a space of Mature Empowerment. This means that you wake up and become conscious of what is working in your life and what is not working. Whatever is not working, find the corresponding internal issue and resolve it.

If you cannot determine your dis-empowering belief, here is a short cut:

If someone is not listening to you, notice how you are not listening to yourself.
If there is fighting around you, find the place inside where there is discord.
If you feel unloved, love yourself.
If you feel unappreciated, appreciate yourself.
If you feel powerless, empower yourself.

When you are responsible for your individual consciousness, and you look to yourself to shift dis-empowering aspects of your consciousness, you have the one and only power to change your world.


Need Help?
If you need more help in identifying or changing beliefs, email me and I will send you my work on Belief Bulldozing – or set up a Belief Bulldozing Coaching Session with me. Email me at

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