The Power IS Focus

Nanice Ellis

One day, I was sitting on my front porch when a beautiful big boat on the end of a car passed by. I immediately had the experience of the Universe asking me if I would like a boat like that. It was as if the Universe was creating a fashion show of sorts and modeling possible options - in this particular moment it was a boat. I said yes, through my thoughts and positive energetic reaction - bring me a boat like that.

At that moment, I also realized that the Universe is constantly playing this game.
Every time something moves into our awareness, it is the Universe asking us if we would
like more of the thing being "modeled." For example, we become aware of a hurricane,
and if we react with fear, agitation, worry or any focused attention upon it, we are are saying yes to the hurricane, and therefore we attract the hurricane. If we allow the storm to blow by, without much notice, we are unconsciously saying "no" to it, and so we personally deflect the effects of the hurricane. This is not to say that you don't find shelter. Of course you do, but you don't need to keep focusing on the hurricane. You took proper action and now you can focus on a safe outcome. If you keep focusing on the hurricane, you keep that active in your vibration and will attract more hurricanes. What does the hurricane represent for you?

Every time you give focus to anything, you are saying yes to it.
If you want to say no to a condition or experience, you only need shift your focus
onto that which you consciously choose to invite into your life.

During the great depression, for example, many people focused on poverty and for them poverty became an experience, while others focused on possibility, and therefore solutions made themselves apparent - these people prospered.

Mastery comes in being hyper-conscious of what you are saying yes to, by virtue of your focus, and having the mental power to focus on only that which you really desire. Current or possible challenges act as contrast to allow you to create positive visions of what you do want. If you know what you don't want, you know what you do want. The Universe is always aware of your focus - you can't fool the Universe. If you want to change your life, change your mind.

In grace & gratitude,

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