The Secret Behind Letting Go!

Nanice Ellis

Our natural vibration resonates with abundant wellness,
but given free will, we can lower our vibration
and stop the flow of all that good that would naturally and effortlessly come to us.

How do we lower our vibration?
We lower our vibration by thinking thoughts that create emotions,
that emanate a frequency that vibrates in a way that restricts abundance and well being.

When we simply Let Go of everything,
our vibration immediately rises to the natural set point of well being.
Imagine holding a cork under water,
and then releasing it.
It instantly pops to the surface.

When you really let go (and you can't fool the universe),
your vibration is just like that cork;
it instantly and effortlessly rises.

Can you see that it actually takes more energy to keep your vibration
lowered than to allow it to be high?

It's time to shed our worries and fears
and allow the Grand Universe to
show us just how wonderful life can be.

In grace & gratitude,
Nanice Ellis

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