The Secret To Helping Others

Nanice Ellis

The Secret To Helping Others

There is a divine secret to helping others.
This secret is not hidden by intention,
but rather we hide it from ourselves
by covering it up with false beliefs.
Like most secrets, it is an open secret,
there to see, when we are ready, and able.

Who do you want to help?
Friend, child, partner, parent, co-worker,
homeless person you see on the way to work?

It's wonderful that you do want to help, but
often, instead of helping, we make things worse.

When you lower yourself mentally or emotionally
to help someone else, you are not in any position to heal or help.
Instead, raise your own vibration and invite the
person you seek to help, up to where you are;
to a high vibration where the problem cannot exist.

How do you do this?

When we see someone as ill or burdened,
we often hold a mental image of the person being in need.
This mental image, combined with our sympathy,
adds to the vibrational field that is creating the
illness or burdens for the person.

If you feel sorry for someone, you are actually judging them
and/or their experience as wrong or bad.
As soon as you judge something, you add your negative vibration
to the vibrational pattern that causes what you see as the problem.
How do you know what is best for someone else? You don't know.

"Oh poor Sam, he has it so bad."
You are saying, that Sam is a victim to his life
and has no power to change his circumstance.
You see him as powerless, and this adds to any feelings or beliefs
in powerlessness that he may have.
Increasing the field of imagined "powerlessness."

It is a lie that anyone is powerless.
We are each infinitely powerful.

The answer and the remedy to healing and helping others is so easy and so obvious.
It is the open secret to healing those we love and cherish,
and even those we pass by on the street.

Who do you want to heal?
Imagine that person in your mind right now. What do you see?
You probably see them in their current condition with all their problems.
That is okay, as long as you don't stop there.
Now, imagine the person releasing the burden.
Imagine the person healing.
Keep your imagination going until you
arrive at a vision or image of the person at their absolute best.
Healthy, wealthy and loved.

See the person smiling at you, and saying,
I feel wonderful. I have never felt better!

This is your new image of this person.
Every time you see this person or think of him/her,
imagine this same awesome scene.

Despite any or all evidence to the contrary,
keep this highest version in your mind.
Even if things seem to get worse,
continue to see this person healed and
in their best and highest state of being.

Notice as you do this, how it makes you feel.
You know that you have succeeded in this healing,
if you feel wonderful as you think about this person.

If this process is challenging for you, keep practicing, because it really works.

Of course, it is always up to the person to want healing. By performing this process, you hold the space for healing, and when and if they are ready, the space will welcome them in.

I will also share a little trick:
If you did nothing more than state, "I wonder what Miracle Will Happen Now," you would provide a healing. This is an open invitation to the Divine to create miracles. In order to make this statement, you must also drop all negative beliefs about this person. You simply Give It Up, and invite the miracle in. Expect a Miracle.

Maybe you are one who is seeking some sort of healing.
If so, I see you perfect, healthy, abundant and so very loved.
And, I wonder what Miracles Will Fill Your Life Today?

In grace & gratitude,
Nanice Ellis

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