The Secret to Real Self-Confidence!

Nanice Ellis

Have you ever lacked the confidence to speak your truth, express your creativity or even set boundaries? This is true for most people, but the real core issue is that we are not confident to be ourselves.

It’s funny to think that we need confidence in order to be our authentic selves, but it is true, nonetheless.

We are all born with innate confidence to be ourselves because we don’t know anything else. Try keeping a two year old from being himself. But as years go by, most children become socialized “not to be themselves.” A world where we are judged either worthy or unworthy is not a world where children, or adults, feel safe to be themselves. As time passes, the pressure and persuasion not to be oneself grows even stronger; “don’t do this, don’t do that, be this, but don’t be that.”

If you have to play the “worthiness-game,” and constantly monitor who you are in order to get approval acceptance and even love, you end up dead inside with little or no confidence to be yourself.

With tremendous stress to fit in, where is the space to find oneself? Where is the joy in self-discovery? Confidence is squashed and buried deep within.

If you have spent your life not being who you really are, you are probably somewhere between tired and depressed, because it takes a great deal of continuous effort in order to “not be yourself.”

Now imagine how dramatically your life will change when you embrace complete and absolute confidence to be yourself. I am not talking about ego-driven confidence which is pseudo-confidence, but rather confidence that originates from the source of who you really are; confidence that can’t be broken no matter what life is dishing out to you. Confidence that is ever-lasting and reaches out to every aspect of your life. Confidence that makes other people feel good around you and want what you have.

Have you ever wondered, “what is the secret to real confidence?”

In most cases, the secret to anything, comes down to what we believe. Belief is the Magic Wand of the Universe. In this case, the Secret to Confidence is Believing in Yourself.

The degree to which you believe in yourself is relative to your level of confidence. The more you believe in yourself, the more confidence you will have.

We often don’t believe in ourselves because we think that we need “proof of worthiness.”

But, if you wait for proof in order to believe in yourself, it may never come in the way you need or want it to come. In order to really believe in yourself, you must disregard all the reasons that you shouldn’t believe in yourself and you must throw away the unreachable conditions. Believing in yourself is a choice. No one can do it for you. You must do it for yourself. You must claim it without conditions.

You take your power back from outside sources by Choosing to Believe in Yourself. Your power lies in your ability to Choose You!

With your own personal list of reasons why not to believe in yourself, it can be challenging to find that part of you that truly believes that you can be, do, have and create anything that you put your mind to. Yet, there is that part of you that knows who you really are and knows that you are, in fact, so powerful and gifted – that the world is your canvas and you can attain and create anything that you truly choose.

This is the part of you that I am now speaking to.

As you read these words That Part of You is responding; maybe you feel a sense of peace or power – maybe you feel Inner Confidence rising to the surface. Maybe you are remembering that your worth is not dependent on anyone or anything and that you cannot be defined by your failures or anything from your past. Maybe you are now waking up and feeling a deep stirring inside that tells you that you are Something More than you have ever believed yourself to be. Maybe the moment that you have been awaiting has finally come.

Did you know that being yourself is the only thing that you ever really have to do?

That’s right, your only job is to Be You. Of all the billions of people on this planet and all the people who have ever lived or will ever live, there is only one you. If you are not going to be you, then who will?

All those dreams of greatness that have grown cobwebs in the back of your mind are reigniting with a realization that they are real and they are telling you something Powerful about yourself – about who you really are. Those dreams have been given to you by a Divine Source that knows you and knows what you are capable of. Those dreams are Divinities Prophecy of You. Now, what part of you must you embrace in order to say “Yes” to those dreams and step confidently into your power? I am not talking about a moment in time; I am talking about your life – and living the way in which you were intended to live.

Every moment of doubt has been a lie. Every door that closed was an illusion. Every failure was simply an inability to see the truth of who you are. You are not who you have been taught to be. You are so much more. You are magnificent, brilliant and powerful with your own unique gifts, talents and insights that magically transform everyone and everything around you. You have the power – and despite every experience that convinced you otherwise, it has only grown stronger.

Look around you – this is YOUR Universe. This is your creation. It is time to claim this beautiful gift you call your life and finally live the way in which you were dreamed into creation. There is no turning back. The door has swung open, the red carpet has been unrolled and the world awaits your brilliant presentation.

I believe in you!

In grace & gratitude,
Nanice Ellis

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