The “Spiritual Middleman” Is your spiritual teacher keeping you asleep?

Nanice Ellis

On the journey of awakening, the purpose of a spiritual teacher is to help bridge the gap to spiritual awakening. However, all too often, well-meaning teachers, leaders, and organizations, (also known as gurus, channelers, healers, shamans, etc…), unknowingly suppress the very thing they are intended for.

Despite potentially good intentions, when the spiritual leader of an organization is believed to have higher power, more worth or greater status than followers, and, consequently, dependency is encouraged (or not discouraged) a dysfunctional dynamic suppresses spiritual awakening. Here’s why…

To awaken, you must:

  • Know your unconditional worth
  • Own your intrinsic power
  • Have a direct connection to Source
To be awake, you must know your worth!

Since worth is intrinsic and we are all equally worthy, any time a guru, spiritual teacher, religious leader, healer, psychic, organization, tradition, religion, or any type of “Spiritual Middleman” acts as if they possess greater worth, or expects you to “bow down,” they are either invested in keeping you asleep or their antiquated tradition does not support spiritual awakening. Whether malicious or simply ignorant, whenever an organization or leader wants you to believe that you are less worthy in comparison, their “standards of worth” block your awakening.

To be awake, you must own your power!

Any time you believe that someone/something has power over you, you are falsely disempowered, and, as long as your power is suppressed, you’re asleep. Therefore, if you wish to awaken, you cannot give your power to anyone, under any circumstances, and this includes any type of “Spiritual Middleman” who comes between you and a direct connection with Source.

But, why give power to a “Spiritual Middleman” in the first place?

Well, when it comes to prayer, blessings, healing, and spiritual guidance, it seems safer to depend on a “middleman” than trust ourselves and our own abilities. Maybe we’ve been brainwashed to believe that we’re not good enough to have a direct relationship with Source, or we’re not important enough to be heard. Furthermore, if we don’t know how to spiritually connect, or we’re afraid our prayers are ineffective, it might seem easier to depend on a “spiritual professional” than cultivate a direct relationship to Source.

Therefore, to awaken, and to live from the awakened state, you must be autonomous and self-empowered, and this means being fully responsible for your life so that no one has greater power. Furthermore, regardless of status, title, or credentials, everyone deserves to be honored and respected equally.

Good Spiritual Teachers

Of course, you can have a relationship with a spiritual teacher, guide or mentor without giving away your power. In fact, a healthy exchange of wisdom and empowering guidance can support awakening exponentially, but keep in mind that any teacher who expects you to put him or her on a pedestal is serving their own ego. Good spiritual teachers discourage hierarchy, and, instead, direct you inward toward your own power and worth. Even when he or she possesses great wisdom or knowledge, an awakened teacher will meet you eye to eye, and heart to heart, as your equal (no matter where you are on your path).

Remember the "Wizard of Oz"?
Remember how Dorothy and her friends gave their power to the Wizard because they believed he had the power to manifest their dreams? Now, if the Wizard was spiritually corrupt, he could have accepted this power and used it for his advantage or to inflate his own ego. Fortunately, the Wise Wizard knew that everyone had their own power to self-heal, bless and manifest, and he had no greater power than anyone. So, even though Dorothy and her friends tried to give him their power, he refused to take it.

Instead, as a good spiritual teacher, the Wizard helped them recognize the power they already possessed, and by virtue of their journey, how they had already discovered what they were seeking. If the Wizard encouraged dependency, or did not discourage dependency, who knows how long Dorothy and her friends would have continued their quest; thereby, depending on the Wizard for answers and salvation.

The moral of the story:
Firstly, don’t give your power to any type of “Spiritual Middleman” by any name or title – even under the context of an ancient tradition.

Secondly, a good spiritual teacher will help you discover your own power and show you how you already possess what you’re seeking.

If your intention is awakening, and you’d like to have a teacher or guide walk with you on your journey, choose one who is fully awake, and one who can clearly identify the nuances of awakening and point out pitfalls on the path. Just because someone is teaching spiritual awakening doesn’t mean they’re awake, and, if they’re not awake, any guidance provided could prolong your journey or make it more challenging.

Question Everything

Since good spiritual teachers encourage free thinking and discourage dependency, don’t be afraid to question everything, and if something doesn’t feel right, it’s not.

Ask Yourself:

  • Have I traded one set of beliefs for another?
  • Am I dependent on a spiritual teacher/guru, system, or modality?
  • Does someone or something have power over me?
  • Do I feel less worthy than my spiritual teacher, leader or guide?
  • Do I rely on a “Spiritual Middleman” for guidance, prayer, security, or spiritual connection?

Fire the “Middleman!”

Although good spiritual teachers can provide bridges for spiritual awakening, if you mistake the bridge for the destination, the bridge itself could keep you asleep. Therefore, the highest job of a true spiritual leader/teacher must be to facilitate the re-connection to Source, and, ultimately, this means making himself/herself obsolete just like an effective parent must do.

On the journey of awakening, there’s no way around it; the final step is freeing yourself from dependency. No matter how enlightened a teacher or teaching may be, ultimately, you must claim your power, and as an independent thinker, you must release all disempowering beliefs that keep you asleep.

Above and beyond all things, trust yourself to cultivate a direct relationship with Source and never agree to give your power to anyone under any circumstances whatsoever. By practicing self-trust, you will be able to create and strengthen an intimate relationship with Source, and once based on direct connection, you’ll have no need for a “Spiritual Middleman.”

Knowing your intrinsic worth, owning your power, and taking full responsibility for your life, you are able to build a sovereign foundation of inner security that allows you to awaken as your True Self.


As you dance with the Divine, simply ask and you’ll receive, and as you follow the lead, your prayers will be answered and your dreams guaranteed! With the world as your canvas, nothing is beyond reach!

In love, grace & gratitude,

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