The Sweet Spot

Nanice Ellis

Our biggest challenge in life is to find the Sweet Spot - the space between holding on and completely letting go - the space just before the delicious surrender of orgasm.

The Divine Dynamic

The Divine is a magnet pulling us towards its center.

At the center of the Divine is Pure Love. It is the Bliss that we are all endlessly, helplessly, and sometimes frantically seek; often wondering if it really does exist.

It does.

It exists - not outside of ourselves - but inside. The core of the Divine is the core in all of us. It pulls us in, just like a magnet, with an ever increasing pull of energy that relentlessly attracts us. We are both drawn to the center of ourselves, the Divine, and fearful of it; for if we totally give in to the center - the core of who we are- we will eventually and inevitably lose ourselves and merge with the Bliss of Oneness.

How ironic that the one thing that we really want is the very thing that scares us the most. That is, in order to have true Bliss in the Oneness of the All, we must sacrifice and lose ourselves - possibly forever.

Life, being so precious and beautiful, is worth holding on to as long as possible, but this means that we must fight the magnetic pull of the Divine. But holding back from Oneness has a price to pay as well; the price of separation and often fear.

The more we hold on to anything, including those we love, the more we separate ourselves from the Divine and thus find ourselves alone and seemingly separate.

Yet, at the bottom of all fear is the fear of disappearance - that we will disappear forever. This fear is real, but the sweet surrender of letting go guarantees everything we are infinitely seeking. It guarantees the (re)union of God - of Love. Could this Divine Dynamic be the confusion and turmoil that deeply plagues us all?

In separation we receive the gift of life. In oneness we must give up and lose everything in order to have it all. Each thing and every person that we hang on to, even ourselves, cause us more and more pressure until we begin to let go and let God's pull magnetize us home with His great and omnipotent love.

How strong must we each be to resist that great powerful magnet of love that permeates our very beings, which there is ultimately no escape from?

We can resist love all we want but ultimately Love Always Wins. It can be no other way.

Deep inside we want it no other way, because it is Who We Really Are.

We are this Omnipresence that we spend life times resisting. And so the greatest loss of all, the loss of personal self, is the greatest gift of returning to the True and Only Self - Our True Self.

When I give in to Love, I am on my way - returning to the Divine. I feel the bliss of connection. When I hold back from Love, or hold love back, I feel great pain and pressure until the pain and pressure become too great to resist and I give in to love - I give in to GOD.

Knowing in my heart - the heart of God - that it was only My Self that I was resisting all along; that I had already guaranteed my return and awakening to the truth of Who I Really Am.

I am that love.

I am that pain.

I am that pressure.

I am the magnet that eventually always has its way.

In grace & gratitude,

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