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The Truth about Karma There is much confusion about karma; instead of using it for empowerment, it is often used as an excuse for limitation. So what is karma? Karma is cause and effect, but not necessarily in the way most of us have been taught. The cause of anything is always the vibration that you emanate. That vibration is created through your thoughts, which manifest emotions and the combination of thoughts and emotions (which make up a belief) create your particular and unique frequency or vibration. Your vibration is not a result of past wrong doings or experiences. Your vibration is happening in real time; in other words, your vibration is happening now. This is great news, because it means that you only have to be responsible for your vibration right now. So does this mean that your past or even past lives have no effect on your current life? This is where is gets a little tricky. We human beings have a tendency to hold on to old energies, especially if we believed ourselves to have been unfairly harmed or if we did something to another and carry shame about it. In other words, if we believed ourselves to have been victim or brute, there is a good chance that either created a belief that caused us to vibrate in such way that we find ourselves experiencing more of the same - or even playing one role and than the other. Which makes sense, because whatever happens to us, we are only doing to ourselves anyway. This is karma. So how do you break free of karma forever? It is only a matter of shifting your vibration in such a way that you align with the truth of who you really are. Yes, indeed, the truth sets you free. What is this truth that sets you free? You are all powerful. You are perfect. You are the creator of your reality. Nothing can hurt or harm you. You cannot hurt nor harm anyone. Only this moment exists. Free yourself in this moment, and you will be free forever. So Much Love, Nanice 2013 Manifestation Session - Click Here

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