the Truth sets you FREE!

Nanice Ellis

If the truth sets you free, what then imprisons you? Don't look outside yourself for the answer; the outside world simply reflects the inner world of your being. Don't look to the government, the rule makers or even your spouse. They too are only projections from your inner mind. What imprisons you are your thoughts, beliefs, insecurities, issues of unworthiness, not letting go of the past and clinging desperately to the unpredictable future. What imprisons you is you. We are meant to be Free. We are meant to live Free. We are meant to speak from the heart and follow the dreams of our being. The canvas of our lives is meant to be filled with the creative expression of who we really are. Now let the truth set you free. Free Teleclass - Your Best Life Destiny! Go to for more information and to sign up now.

Musical Inspiration - "Let it Be" -

Abundant Love,


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