The Unconditional Laws of the UNIVERSE

Nanice Ellis

111 Unconditional Laws of the UNIVERSE

"Universe" represents God, The Absolute, The All etc...

1) Everything that is true for the Universe is also unconditionally true for you in your awakened state - everything else is an illusion.

2) The Universe is in a constant state of what we would call delight.

3) The Universe is Indestructible.

4) Wrong doing does not exist in the Universe.

5) The Universe is limitless and has no boundaries.

6) There is no right or wrong in the Universe.

7) There is no good or evil in the Universe.

8) Judgment does not exist in the Universe.

9) The Universe is in a constant state of creation and cannot stop.

10) The Universe is the perpetual now.

11) The Universe is full of boundless energy that never ceases or changes.

12) The Universe is full and requires nothing to fill it or keep it full.

13) Nothing is ever complete or incomplete in the Universe

14) The Universe expresses itself in infinite ways.

15) All things are manifested from Universal Energy

16) The Universe is made of pure nothingness.

17) There is no time in the Universe - only Now.

18) The Universe is pure bliss - everything else is a virtual illusion.

19) The Universe is the creator of the virtual ride - all manifestation is virtual.

20) The Universe is equally connected to all - from the largest planet to the smallest speck of sand.

21) Anything and everything is possible in the Universe.

22) Nothing is ever destroyed in the Universe.

23) The Universe is absolute free will.

24) The Universe has no conditions.

25) The Universe has no regrets.

26) The Universe has nothing to learn - or to teach.

27) The Universe is pure potential - constantly discovering itself.

28) The Universe is an infinite satellite dish immediately broadcasting everything to everyone.

29) The Universe needs nothing.

30) The Universe does not compare - nothing is better or worse. All things hold the same value.

31) The Universe is "all that is". Nothing else exists.

32) The Universe is continually blossoming and unfolding .

33) The Universe has no preferences. Poverty and wealth are equal. Love and hate are equal.

34) The Universe is abundant - there is no such thing as scarcity yet it allows us to play out the illusion of scarcity.

35) The Universe has no opinion.

36) The Universe provides equally for all.

37) The Universe is all loving.

38) The Universe is neither male nor female but can express itself as both.

39) The Universe is absolute perfection - perfection unfolding into more perfection.

40) The Universe is 100% responsive to all beings and non-beings without favoritism.

41) The Universe has no expectations.

42) The Universe has no exclusions - all is included, always.

43) The Universe unconditionally supports our highest good regardless of our choices, or the natural consequences.

44) The Universe does not need us to believe in it - it simply doesn't care.

45) The Universe cares not about our religious preferences.

46) The Universe allows us to set up illusionary rules for ourselves and will present consistent overwhelming evidence that all rules are illusionary.

47) There is no karma in the Universe.

48) The Universe never chooses - everything exists together in harmony.

49) Nothing exists beyond the Universe.

50) The whole of the Universe is within everyone and everything.

51) The Universe unconditionally supports all without compromise.

52) Nothing is lost or gained in the Universe.

53) All is fair in the Universe without consideration of fairness.

54) There is no such thing as failure in the Universe.

55) There is only oneness in the Universe.

56) There is no separation whatsoever in the Universe.

57) Unconscious intentions always override conscious intentions in the Universe.

58) All is equally beautiful and perfect in the Universe.

59) The Universe has no desire to change anything yet it is in a constant state of never ending change.

60) The Universe is always true to itself.

61) The Universe is pure imagination - without restrictions.

62) The Universe is stillness in every essence.

63) Creation and destruction are an illusion in the Universe.

64) The Universe is always at cause.

65) The Universe is altruistic in everything at once.

66) Measurement does not exist in the Universe.

67) The Universe is the ultimate dream machine.

68) The Universe lives in all and all are in the Universe. Every speck of the Universe is the whole Universe.

69) The Universe has no motives.

70) The Universe has no issues or challenges.

71) The Universe is magnificent Is-ness.

72) The Universe cannot be defined. To define it would create limitations and then it wouldn't be what it is.

73) The Universe is extraordinary intelligence.

74) The Universe has no specialty - it just is.

75) The Universe knows itself absolutely.

76) The Universe is infinitely generous and asks nothing in return.

77) The Universe has no secrets. All is exposed.

78) There is no delay in the Universe.

79) Purpose does not exist in the Universe.

80) The Universe has nothing to prove.

81) The Universe is not interested in results.

82) The Universe is pure endless expression and imagination.

83) The Universe is in a perpetual instantaneous state of transformation.

84) The Universe does not justify, rationalize - or apologize.

85) The Universe never suppresses its power.

86) There is never any cost or sacrifice to the Universe - regardless of how massive the creation.

87) The Universe never tests. There's nothing to test.

88) Size does not exist to the Universe.

89) The Universe creates everything out of nothingness.

90) In the Universe the ego is anything that identifies with the illusion.

91) The Universe is in a constant state of readiness.

92) The Universe knows no difference between pleasure and pain.

93) The Universe is pure acceptance of what is.

94) The Universe is uninhibited.

95) In the Universe if something cannot be known as absolute truth, it is an illusion.

96) The Universe never insists its will on anything or anybody.

97) The Universe has no will.

98) The Universe is utterly patient because it has no requirements.

99) In the Universe all beliefs are false.

100) The Universe has no need or requirement to be acknowledged or known.

101) In the Universe readiness requires no preparation.

102) The Universe allows everything absolute expression - without restriction or limits.

103) The Universe answers to no one.

104) The Universe is a synchronistic system of miracles.

105) The Universe constantly reorganizes itself to support all. 106) The Universe knows that the impoverished person is as powerful a creator as the prosperous. 107) The Universe pulls everything towards its true nature.

108) The Universe conspires to wake us up - sending us constant signs and pointers along the way.

109) The Universe knows that human beings create nothing and project everything.

110) The Universe knows who YOU really are!

111) Finally, there are no laws in the Universe. It just is.

In grace & gratitude,

Copyrighted 2009 - Nanice Ellis

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