The Wall

Nanice Ellis

The Wall

Imagine an old abandoned and boarded up building - the kind you try to ignore because you sense an eerie negative energy. Imagine going inside this building and finding that it is completely dark. Standing in the darkness you notice a sliver of light beaming in from the smallest of cracks. As you watch this single beam of light gently hit a minuscule part of the wall, you begin to notice that the paint around the light is beginning to crack and fall off. Once it starts cracking you notice that the chipping away at the old paint spreads to the entire wall and then to the whole house. Before you can blink an eye you see that every speck of paint in the house is falling to the ground one bit at a time yet all simultaneously. Once the cracking stops and the bare walls are exposed you almost can't believe your eyes - what just minutes ago felt dark and unapproachable is now brilliant emanating light - the entire house is full of piercing light. You realize that just below the surface the brilliant light existed without notice all the time. You smile to yourself because you now understand that behind even the ugliest of people, experiences and situations this light eternally exists and nothing can ever diminish it's magnificence. And then you get it! This light is also inside YOU now! It has always been there regardless of how much you have covered it up with your fears, negative stories, harsh actions, disempowering beliefs or even what appears to be hatred. You are this light. This light is you. With this realization an intrinsic feeling of your true value begins to rise up inside you and you now know that with this new found power you can be the person you truly desire to be and nothing can stop you from being the creator of your life. Now go shine YOUR light.

In grace & gratitude,

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