The Watcher of the Game

Nanice Ellis

The Watcher of the Game

It is really so simple when you come right down to it.
We are all rushing to get somewhere or to accomplish something.
It's all part of the game that we agreed to play.
The game is amazing but it is still just a game
and only a certain amount of satisfaction can come from any game.
Even if you win - of course.
But, this game of life is not really a game that you can ever win.
Winning is not the point - winning ends the game and it is not a game with a definitive end.

Something goes on deeper.
Behind the game.
We might call this the Game Watcher.
The Game Watcher sees and knows all elements of the game.
The Game Watcher has no fear or regrets.
The Game Watcher doesn't even have a preference.
The Game Watcher is purely watching the game.

There is your limited, and interesting, self playing the game,
and there is your unlimited and interested Self watching the game.

The game player is never satisfied.
The Game Watcher is satisfaction itself.

The player always wants more.
The Watcher never needs anything.
The player believes in goals and endings.
The Watcher is Infinite.

This is not about killing off the player.
Without the player there would be no game - and therefore nothing to watch.

This is about playing the game full on, with nothing held back,
while at the same time, remembering that you are actually The Infinite Watcher.

The truly spiritual being only watches.
The forgetful being only plays.
The Awakened Being plays fearlessly and watches in complete delight - of everything.

When you remember that you are, indeed, The Watcher,
the game lightens up.
There is no need to win and no fear of losing.
You can be, do or have whatever you dream -
and, boy, is it ever a great ride!


Right now, I invite you to become aware of the part of you that watches everything.
Can you BE this part? Can you allow this part a conscious role in your life?
Try it for a day, and let me know what happens.

In grace & gratitude,

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