The Whole Pie

Nanice Ellis

The Whole Pie

Reality seems to tell us that we must all share from a single pie, and that we must compete and prove our worthiness in order to get our share. No wonder most of us hold so much anxiety around money and making sure we get what is “rightfully ours.” A single pie divided among us all creates the environment for fear, limitation, competition and scarcity. It also creates a false reality.

Despite evidence to the contrary, we each live in an abundant reality, with more than enough for each and every one of us, and we don't have to compete, or prove that we are deserving. We simply align with abundance, and abundance flows.

Your unique universe, which is the manifestation of your consciousness, responds to your every wish, which come in the form of your thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

When you dream at night, must you compete with other dreamers in your dream or does your dream belong to only you? Of course, your night time dream is a direct result of your own mind, and so it is the same with life. Your life belongs to you and directly results from the thoughts, feelings and beliefs that you put out into reality as your vibration.

You have a whole pie all to yourself and so does everyone else. What you do with that pie depends entirely on you. At any moment, you can shift from a universe of scarcity to a universe of abundance.

Taken from my Upcoming book, "Worrier to Warrior"

In grace & gratitude,

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