Time to Live Your Dreams

Nanice Ellis

Your dreams and desires are not random or accidental.
They are specifically chosen just for you.

It might seem as if they originate in your own mind,
but this is merely the means in which Life communicates to you.
Life is living consciousness that speaks to you through giving you a personal dream
and the inspiration to fulfill that dream.

The dream which you are given is the spiritual blue print for your life.
You are not required to follow this blue print or fulfill the dream,
but when you do,
your happiness level is increased,
and when you don't,
it feels as if something is missing.

Your dream is your purpose or at the very least contains the seeds of your purpose;
when followed, the dream unfolds into the divine plan for your life,
ultimately leading you to your Best Life Destiny.

If you have a dream, you already have, or will acquire, everything that you need in order to fulfill that dream.

Think of your personal dream as part of the Great Puzzle for humanity.
As you fulfill your dream, you complete a piece of the puzzle.
Your completed puzzle piece joins with others who have also followed their dreams,
and as the pieces come together, the Great Puzzle is completed.
This is the beginning of the New Earth; the collective dream of peace, harmony, freedom
and abundance for every being on this planet.

Whether your dream is big or small, it is equally as important to fulfill - and that is the point.

  • What dream has Life given you?
  • Do you feel a stirring to take that next step?
  • Is it time?

Life has given me the personal dream of empowering others to live their dreams and fulfill their purpose, and that is exactly what I do. For the past 17 years, I have worked with people all over the world in Real-Life Dream Fulfillment. My job is to empower and inspire others to live their dreams; and show them exactly how to do it.

If you are reading this, it probably means that you have a dream or you know that you have a purpose, and it is time to take that dream or purpose to the next level; be that in business, relationships, entrepreneurship, spirituality or making a difference in the world in any way. You can Be, Do, or Have Anything that you desire. The key is clarifying what you desire and taking concrete steps to align with your dream. It means getting out of your own way, releasing fear, doubt and destructive emotional and mental habits. It means becoming the you who has already realized the dream. It means getting focused yet releasing control of the wheel so that the power of the Universe can assist you in every possible way.

Step 1 - Gain Clarity and Insight
Step 2 - Release personal blocks and dis-empowering beliefs
Step 3 - Align with your dream, desire or purpose
Step 4 - Take inspired action
Step 5 - Invoke the power of the Universe to work on your behalf

I have traveled to the world's most sacred sites, studied the great masters of all times, and journeyed to the center of the Universe in search of the most powerful answers. In claiming them for myself, I now have them to share. This knowledge is often called the Secret Of The Ages, and when unlocked and understood in plain language, one has the potential to access unlimited resources and embody unlimited power.

I would like to pass this knowledge onto you, in a specific way that speaks directly to you, and your dream. I have room in my practice for 5 new people. If you would like to work with me, sign up for an introductory 90 minute session for $125.00, and allow me to help you take the next step, with joy and inspiration.

To reserve your spot, please respond to this email or register by using this payment link:


Inside each one of us is a treasure. When you find the treasure map and know how to read it, you unlock the power to being, doing or having anything that you desire.

In grace & gratitude,

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