Train to Some-where

Nanice Ellis

Train to Some-Where

There once was a man, named Anyone, who lived in a town called Any-where. His life was going along just fine - well, as good as he expected (often less than he expected - but he expected that too). As his discontent grew he started thinking about leaving Any-where and going Some-where else. He didn't exactly know where Some-where was but it had to better than Any-where. As he contemplated his move, he began to get a vision of packing his things and going to the train station. He thought that any- train would take him to Some-where - and Some-where else would be better than here.

So he went into his dusty attack and found three suitcases. He carefully brought them down to his bedroom where he laid them out on his bed. In the first suitcase, he packed everything from his past - old photos, memoirs, clothes that no longer fit but hoped one day would, regrets, grievances, losses and even all his hidden past hurts. In the second suitcase, he packed everything that he would need for his present life. He packed all the necessities that life required him to have. He packed the clothes that fit him, what he needed to stay clean and tidy, all his money and other necessary requirements. In the third suitcase, he packed everything he would need for the future. He packed his insurance policies, a safety net, first aid kit, medications, a list of resources, a cane, all his fears, worries and a huge barrier of protection so that he would be safe from any harm.

When he was all packed, he looked at the suitcases still laying open on the bed and feared that he would still need something he had not anticipated or remembered so just for good measure, he carelessly threw in more and more until the suitcases overflowed and he could barely close them. One by one, he pulled the heavy suitcases off the bed and dragged them down the stairs. It was a hard job but he reminded himself that once he got to Some-where else, life would be so much easier - it would be worth the effort.

The taxi brought him to the train station and somehow he made it up the platform dragging one heavy bag at a time. As he waited impatiently on the platform, he began to notice that there were many other people also waiting for the train to Some-where else. Oddly enough they all also had 3 bags. He starred curiously at these other passengers even as the train approached the station.

As the conductor stepped out and yelled "All aboard", Anyone silently watched as the other passengers approached the train. The first person who approached the train was an older woman. When she gave the conductor her ticket, he turned her away - telling her that she could not bring three bags on the train. Unable to leave any of her bags behind, she decided that she was better off staying in Any-where. She thought - at least she could keep her belongings and not have to leave anything behind; leaving anything behind was too big a price to pay to go Some-where else. The second person who approached the conductor was a little wiser and left the bag that contained his past behind on the platform. With only two bags, he was quite confident he would get on the train to Some-where else. But the conductor would not let him board with these two bags and he too was turned away. He wasn't too disappointed because he rationalized that at least in Any-where he could keep his future and a sense of security. The third person to try to board the train decided to leave his future on the platform but as he approached the train with his past and present baggage, the conductor simply shook his head no. That man reasoned that it would have been too hard to drag his luggage any further. He was already tired just getting to the train station - besides he really didn't think it was fair that he had to leave anything behind.

After watching these three passengers be turned away, Anyone reasoned that he could not get on the train with his past or his future. He looked deep within himself and realized that his desire to go Some-where else was so much greater than his need to drag his past behind him or depend on his future to support him. With a great sense of freedom, he left his past and future behind and without looking back he picked up the bag that contained his present and confidently boarded the train. The conductor simply smiled and let him pass by.

As the train began to leave the station, Anyone let out a sigh of great relief. Finally, he was on his way to Some-where. He knew the freedom he dreamed of awaited him. He couldn't help noticing that there were lots of empty seats and there were only a few people on such a big train. He was grateful that he was one of the wise few who made it. With a sense of comfort, he fell into a deep sleep. It's hard to tell how much time actually passed but the next thing the man knew was that he was being awakened by the conductor - who was telling him to gather his bag because his stop was next. With great excitement the man prepared to get off.

As he and the others waited for the train to come to the station, he heard the conductor yell "This stop "Some-where" - Next stop will be "Everywhere"." "Every-where" the man thought - "yes that is really where I want to go". He immediately summoned the conductor and told him that he wanted to stay on the train to Every-where. The conductor replied "I'm sorry sir that is not possible." The man began to get irritated at the conductor and told him that he would not get off the train at Some-where. The conductor gently and kindly told the man that everyone had to get off at Some-where. The man did see that everyone was in fact getting off the train at Some- where - everyone but a young child sitting quietly in the back of the train. The man felt betrayed and yelled at the conductor "If everyone has to get off - what about that child in the back of the train" The conductor smiled and said "Everyone with any baggage has to get off at Some-where" That child boarded the train without any baggage - he left his past, future and his present behind. That child is going to Every- where.

The man looked at the child and felt something he had never felt before. There was a light emanating from the child. Actually, it was more like a "light-ness". The man become curious and asked the conductor "how will that child survive without a past, present or future?" The conductor paused for what seemed like a long moment and than quietly began to reply - the man had to struggle to listen to the almost silent answer but with great intent he heard the conductor loud and clear. The conductor said "Even in the present you have brought with you doubt, insecurity, distrust and self protection. Only when you can release everything you thought you needed to protect yourself and you trust that all will be given to you exactly when you need it, will you be able to take the extraordinary journey to Every-where. But a funny thing happens when you get there - you discover that Every-where is exactly where you began the journey and it was your accumulated baggage all along that kept you from your destination". The man understood exactly what the conductor was saying and without a word, he de-boarded the train at Some-where. As he carried his one suddenly heavier suitcase with him, he could hear the conductor yell down the track - "Next train to Every-where - arrives every now"

Without turning back - the man smiled to himself. He realized that there was plenty of time´┐Ż.

In grace & gratitude,

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