Trust The Universe: Unlocking the Flow and Ease of Life

Nanice Ellis

I know how difficult it can be to trust something you cannot see, and maybe even something that has disappointed you or let you down in the past. This idea of trust was foreign to me as well, for much of my life. My parents didn’t trust and even the nuns at catholic school didn’t seem to practice trust. Fortunately, life gave me a first-hand education in trusting this invisible source of reality, I now call God (aka Universe, Source, Consciousness etc…).

I was seventeen years old, and had just barely escaped a physically abusive (life-threatening) relationship. I was lost and confused, not knowing how to live the life that was now surprisingly before me. So, when I witnessed a falling star one autumn night, I had no idea what to wish for. By default and not wanting to miss the opportunity, I wished, “Please give me something that I need that I don’t know I need.”

Hindsight: never make this type of wish if you are not prepared for the outcome.

Several weeks later, I discovered that I was pregnant. More confused than ever, I roamed the streets searching for an answer inside my mixed-up mind. Just when I thought I would never be able to make a choice, I suddenly knew that I would have this baby and raise him.

Now, this might seem like the worst thing for a teenage girl. Many might say, a teenage pregnancy is a life sentence or the end of life, but for me it was the beginning. Falling in love with my unborn child, birthing this beauty, and raising him as the cherished being he was (and is) literally saved my life.

So, when I wished for something that I didn’t know that I needed, that is exactly what I got. I asked myself, “What do I want for my child?” The answer was something that I didn’t possess for myself. It was unconditional self-worth. Knowing I had to have it in order to give it, I set sail on an emotional, mental and spiritual journey of finding it for myself. Honestly, it was that single choice, decades ago, that has led me here today speaking, in this way, to you.

I know that it can be difficult to trust this unseen source but I discovered that the more I trust, the more trustworthy it becomes.

As a writer and life coach, I teach about Conscious Creation and creating the lives we desire, but sometimes we don’t know what we want or we can’t seem to get from where we are to where we want to be no matter how hard we try. It is these very moments that the best we can do is surrender.

In this illusion of separation, it can be scary to let go because we fear that in letting go, we will be all alone, but nothing is further from the truth. In fact, it is the act of holding on (to anything) that makes us feel alone. Just like the rain drop that falls into the ocean, letting go allows you wake up and remember that you are not alone. In becoming the ocean, you are conjoined with the whole sea of rain drops. I doubt the ocean ever feels alone.

No matter how powerful or weak you may ever feel, there is an All Knowing Source that is paying attention to you – even now as you read this. It loves you and cherishes you, and it knows what is best for you, even when you don’t know, or you think you know better.

It’s safe to let go. In fact, letting go is the safest thing that you can ever do.

You don’t have to know all the answers. You are not meant to. But, something greater than you, that is you, always knows the best way, and when you let go and trust, this same something can answer your prayers, wishes and dreams

This thing I call God is like a good parent who sits patiently by your side, allowing you time and space to figure it out on your own. But, the moment you surrender and ask for help, help is given. The key is remembering to ask, and of course letting go, so that divine help and even miracles can manifest.

This same sacred key also opens the door to infinite abundance in love, finances, ideas, opportunities and everything else. All abundance flows from this unseen source so if you don’t trust it, that flow is cut off, and when you do trust it, that flow is unlimited. The more you trust, the more abundance flows. The less you trust, the less abundance flows. If you carefully look at your life, you will see this truth for yourself. Trust unlocks the Flow and Ease of life.

When we try to rush and make things happen according to our own timeline or plans, we unknowingly squeeze out the absolute and only Source of Manifestation. The result is always stress and challenges and more time is required to reach our desired outcome. When we give up doubt, overwhelm or impatience in exchange for trust, we begin to align with the Universe through an unseen alchemical process. Trust is, indeed, a form of spiritual alchemy – it takes your dreams and desires, mixes them with the power of the Universe, and then transforms them into your reality.

If these words resonate with you, it means that you are waking up and remembering that you are unconditionally loved and cherished and your every wish is answered when you let go and trust.

My baby is all grown up now with a baby of his own. I never would have consciously chosen to get pregnant and have a child at seventeen, but I am so grateful that my younger confused self had the wisdom to surrender and trust something that she had no experience in trusting. As I write this, tears of gratitude flow down my face.

There is infinite Magic in the Universe that is ready and willing to flow into your life, and manifest in profound and beautiful ways. This magic remains dormant and inactive until you are ready and willing to trust. It is the act of trust that activates this All Knowing Energy so that you might dance and sing to your greatest dreams and sweetest desires. Where is your life asking you to let go and trust?

In grace & gratitude,
Nanice Ellis

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timiambeing10 months 'ago'

Lovely post and I agree with all you say, TRUST has become all most a cliche between me and my inner self I am reminded of it so often… my problem is accepting the suffering I am going through and at the same time believing in a loving presence - a loving presence (you know yourself as a mother) would never allow suffering, for any reason.

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