Trusting The Process

Nanice Ellis

Trusting the Process

We see something wrong in ourselves or another,
and we immediately want to fix it.
It's human nature to want to fix what seems wrong.
Oftentimes, the push to fix a problem interferes
with the natural unfolding --
thereby, prolonging the solution.

There is Divine Intelligence inherent in all problems.
In fact, problems are seeds of intelligence in the Universe.
They are each perfectly designed to spark solutions and birth evolution.

I don't think that we are here to fix problems,
as much as we are here to witness the process,
and participate in such a way that we are natural vehicles
for the process to unfold.

Look around and see a world of problems,
or look deeper and see the seeds for human evolution.
Trust the Process - Divine Mind knows exactly what it is doing.


In grace & gratitude,

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