Unconditional Love

Nanice Ellis

Unconditional Love

We all seek unconditional love from others,
but how can we receive something from another 
that we first don't give to ourselves? 

By not loving ourselves unconditionally, 
we set up filters that keep out the unconditional love of others. 
What you cannot give to yourself, you cannot receive from another. 

If you don't love yourself when you eat too much, yell at the kids or have a bad hair day, 
you put up a wall against feeling love.
That love just can't get in - the wall is too high - the fog is too thick. 
And the more unlovable you feel, the greater the resistance becomes. 

Of course the conditions are all just illusions, 
and it is also an illusion that you can keep love out. 
How can you block something that you are? 
You are love so how can you not be what you are? 

The only question is, will you allow yourself to experience it? 
You are so powerful that you have the ability to create the illusion 
that love is separate from you, and therefore conditional. 

Love is not conditional. 
Conditional love is not love at all. 
How could it be? 

Conditional love is the opposite of love. 
Conditional love is fear. 

What most of us think of as love is really social conditioning, and that is where the fear comes in. 
Social conditioning has standards and requirements - even around something as intrinsic and natural as love. 
We have learned to function in the world by monitoring love - who gets to love us and who we should, and shouldn't, love. 
But it is all just smoke and mirrors. 
There is nothing that you can do, or not do, to keep love away, 
and the effort that you have given this control, can never serve you. 
It may give you a false sense of safety - if you control or monitor love, 
maybe you can keep from being hurt or from hurting others, 
but if you really think about it, it is preposterous, 
because to control love, you have create a false identity of a fear based being - who is not love. 

When you drop all the control and all the conditions, 
you discover that your true self is Pure Love - 
and so is everyone else. 

What would happen if you just dropped all your conditions 
and you allowed the love in? 

What would happen if you just dropped all your conditions 
and you allowed the love OUT? 

This is a key to knowing yourself as Unconditional Love.

In grace & gratitude,


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