Using Boring Chores for Meditation

Nanice Ellis

Using Boring Chores for Meditation

Those "boring" moments are one of the most valuable gifts of your life. They are the times when creativity can rise from within, peace can override stress and the body and mind can relax. When we are constantly busy, rushing from one thing to the next, our minds are overrun with problems, deadlines and mundane ideas. Our hectic lives rob us of any chance to discover deeper truths about ourselves and to spur creativity, personal insights and simply calm us down. Repetitive tasks such as doing the dishes, the laundry or simply driving back and forth from work are enormous opportunities to find where we are now and imagine who we can become. It is the doorway to many answers. It is the modern day form of meditation!

How few of us take the time to sit down and peacefully meditate - there is no time in our busy lives. Luckily, so many of us have mundane chores to do each and everyday. These mindless chores are huge opportunities to look within, deep breathe and allow all sorts of possibilities to flow into our empty yet seeking minds. So, next time you have 3 dozen towels to fold, get excited - because it can be the quiet time you were seeking and who knows what you discover by that 35th towel you fold.


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