Valentines Day!

Nanice Ellis

Are you so busy loving everyone that you have forgotten just how loved you are? On this Valentines Day, take a deep breath and allow all the love to come in. Certainly feel love flow from family and friends but also from Life itself. I know that sometimes it doesn't seem like it, but everyone loves you and everything loves you. Life, itself, loves you. Have you ever gone for a walk in the woods and actually felt the love from nature? Have you ever felt a tree love you? Or the sky love you? Or the wind love you? Have you ever stopped for a moment and allowed Life to love you? Everywhere you look you are being loved. The food that you eat loves you and the bed that you sleep upon loves you. Your home loves you and even the ground on which it is built loves you.

Whenever you doubt that life loves you, look deeper until you find that love from which everything and everyone is created. I am not talking about blind denial that detaches you from life. I am talking about connecting at the depth of which you were created. I am talking about remembering Source. And that Source loves you so much that it expresses that love in every way - yes, every way.

There has never been a moment without love. There has never been a time when that love was diminished or constricted in anyway. That Love is unconditional and never-ending. That love is not only what fairy tales are made of but what your life is made of; what you are made of. So, today on this Sacred Love Day take a deep breath and welcome Love in.

Here is the link for my favorite article on Pure LOVE - "Finding Love in All the Right Places" - 

In grace & gratitude,
Nanice Ellis


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