Waking Up!

Nanice Ellis

Waking Up!

The gig is up. The veil is lifted. The secret is out. I am going to tell you what spiritual masters and gurus have been trying to tell you forever.

You are dreaming. I am dreaming WE are dreaming. Yes, that is right, it is all just a dream and you are making it all up. There is no war, poverty, famine, scarcity, controlling governments or end of the world - there is no world.

All pain and suffering is a result of what we are believing about what appears to be real - but isn't.

Ever wonder why quantum scientists have discovered that our world is not solid, that we can effect the past and that reality changes according to our thoughts and beliefs about it? In other words, ever wonder why our world behaves like a dream state?

Because it is.

But here is the real amazing thing, there is only one dreamer.

Awakening is literally that - awakening from the dream, much like you do in the morning. To awaken you must go through layers of dream states, we know as dimensions, until the ONE is awakened and remembers that he is dreaming. Neo was the ONE in the Matrix because he was one who was dreaming and therefore the only one who could change the dream.

No one in your dream can change anything for you. Only You. If you are wondering where your dream ends and another dream begins, everything and everyone that you perceive is your dream. If you are perceiving it, you are dreaming it. Think about it, when you dream at night, aren't all the characters and situations in your dream, your creation? To blame a character or circumstance in your dream is ridiculous. The same is true in your "living dream." There is no one to blame and it is impossible to be a victim because you and only you are imagining everything.

This is why the Ho'o Pono Pono Prayer works; when you take complete responsibility for something, you have the power to change it. If I feel sorry for someone, I disempower them and myself but when I look inside myself and see how I am responsible for their suffering and see their suffering as a reflection of my own wounds, I have the ability to heal them by first healing myself.

You don't need to wake up and remember that you are dreaming in order to change your life, heal yourself and others. All you have to do is take total responsibility; if you don't like something in your life or in the world, simply look inside yourself to see where you are creating it, and heal what is inside you. It's really simple to change the dream that is your life:

Think only about what you do want. Don't think about what you don't want. Believe you can have what you choose, and most important, make Sure You Choose only that which you truly want. Nothing happens until you choose. So Choose Wisely!

Now, Add LOVE! When your thoughts, beliefs, choices and actions are aligned, the Dream responds - this IS manifestation.

It's that simple!

In grace & gratitude,

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