What is Darkness?

Nanice Ellis

How do we overcome darkness?

Separation is to Fear, Darkness and Evil

As Connection is to Love, Light and Good

You cannot run from darkness for in the running away from darkness, you create the invitation for darkness to permeate you. When you are righteous and feel compelled to expose darkness to others, you are feeding that which you are trying to destroy. Instead of exposing the Darkness to the world, Expose Darkness to light, simply by being that light; which can only be experienced and integrated through unconditional love. Darkness is nothing to fear. When there is darkness, it simply means that love is missing. Add love and the darkness turns instantly to light.

Love is always the Magic Ingredient!

There is no battle between light and dark or good and evil. They are really the same; they are not opposites. Imagine a horizontal scale with light at one end and darkness on the other end. They can only be measured against each other because they are one in the same; just extreme expressions of that sameness. Without light, dark could not exist. Without dark, light could not exist. They work together and create the space for life to exist. Life cannot exist in pure light or pure darkness. Life can only manifest, exist and grow within the entire spectrum of light or lack there of. Having said that, even though the spectrum must exist for life to spring forth, you and I and everyone else in Universe has the power to choose where we "live" on the spectrum. The greater degree of light that we desire to live within is relative to the degree of self knowing, self loving, self accepting and an intrinsic ownership of unconditional worthiness. The opposite is true of darkness as well; the less knowing, loving and accepting of self, the greater the degree of darkness. The more conditions imposed on self worthiness, the darker it gets as well. Add self love, self forgiveness, self acceptance and unconditional worthiness to the shadow self and the shadow cast by the light of darkness will be illuminated and the shadow will quietly fade into pure joy and bliss. As this is all true for light and darkness, it is also true for good and evil, and even such things as depression and joy.

Depression and joy are also the same thing and can be measured on a similar scale as light and darkness. The opposite of Depression is Enlightenment. When you bring light to depression, just like darkness, depression fades away without a fight.

When love and awareness shines down upon darkness, light prevails.

I AM the Change - Take THE PLEDGE!

In grace & gratitude,


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