Who is Abou - Part 1

Nanice Ellis

The Secrets of Abou The Spirit of Abou channeled through Nanice

Abou, who are you and what is your message?

"I am not a warrior - warrior implies that there is something to fight against - that there is some type of adversary. I carry the sword of life not to kill, hunt or have power over - I carry the sword of life to represent my willingness to give of my life. To be alive means to give of ones life to everything in every moment. Parents are often so willing to give of their lives to their children - this gives there lives more meaning - making it purposeful and more profound. Imagine taking this same kind of internal commitment (of giving ones life for those they love) and extending it to all life. I give my life to the sky. I give my life to the dirt - to the earth. I give my life to each blade of grass. I give my life to this rock - but not just this rock, every rock. To truly be fully alive, one must give their life totally to everything in every moment - without inhibition or story telling. Give your life to your breath completely and you will begin to notice."

In grace & gratitude,

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