Why Bad Things Happen at Good Times

Nanice Ellis

Life is going great. You are on top of the world. Things couldn’t be better! Then BOOM! You get sick, have an accident or some unexpected crisis comes to the forefront, bringing the “good times” come to a screeching halt. It makes no sense – you were doing everything right.

These events can leave us feeling insecure and doubting our ability to maintain a happy and healthy life. You might even start wondering if every great high has a corresponding low. Trying to make sense of things in this way often takes us on a negative downward spiral that gets us more of what we don’t want.

So, let’s rise above the negative and turn it all around.

Understanding the five primary reasons why “bad things happen at good times” will allow you to leverage the challenges, in order to reach even higher highs that can be maintained and lived.

1. The reality that we experience, on any day, is always a projection of past thoughts, beliefs and feelings.

When you go to the movie theater, there is a projector in the back of the theater that projects the movie onto the front screen. Have you ever considered that there is a time gap between the movie leaving the projector and landing on the screen? Life operates in very much the same way. There is a time gap between the energy that you project out into the world, with your thoughts, beliefs and feelings, and the manifestation of that energy in your life. What you are experiencing now is always a reflection of who you were in the past. So, even if you have changed your belief system in regards to a life issue, it takes a little while for life to catch up with your new belief system. Yes, it is possible to experience quick shifts in reality but the old story often plays out until it is complete.

The problem arises when we react to the old tape that is playing out and we go back to our disempowering beliefs that created that tape in the first place, thereby, generating more negative energy that will play out at a future date. Living in an unconscious state of reaction supports a vicious cycle of undesirable experiences. Your adverse reaction can fuel an ongoing soap opera.

When you are surprised by an unexpected event, pay attention but don’t give it your power. If you feed into it, you will create more of the same. Instead, be conscious, handle what needs to be handled, recognize the past story playing out and purposefully conclude the story.


2. Bad things may show up during good times when a part of us is not emotionally or energetically aligned with that goodness.

When you reach a higher state of vibration, everything must be in integrity with that high state. You could say that you can’t bring any low vibration baggage with you to a higher dimension. Because the old baggage must be released in order for you to live at a higher vibration, an issue may come up in order for you to identify that issue and release it. Let’s say that you just landed your ideal career and you just met the love of your life. Everything is going great and suddenly you get sick. The sickness causes you to slow down and reflect. When you look inside, you see that there is a part of you that questions your own worth. In order to enter your new life, you must release feelings of unworthiness and embrace your worth. In other words, you cannot take low self-worth into a high vibration life, because the energy is not aligned. Getting sick allows you to purge the old energy, and get into energetic alignment with the life that you desire.

Or, let’s say that you are about to launch your dream business and everything is lining up perfectly, and out of the blue, your car gets totaled. Immediately, you start beating yourself up with guilt and shame. From an asleep state, you could continue down this disempowering path and probably experience other problems as a result, or you could respond from an awake state, and use this opportunity to release guilt and shame that is still held from past experiences. In this case, the car accident brought up these dense feelings in order for you to recognize them and release them. In doing so, you free yourself from the past, and you align with your dream on an even higher level.

If things are going great, and something “wrong” comes out of the blue, take time out to understand where you might not be in integrity with the flow of goodness in your life. The gift of the presenting issue is in showing you where you are out of alignment. What old beliefs or stories might you still be holding onto – that just don’t fit into a more positive paradigm? If you pay attention to what your life is telling you, you may recognize disempowering beliefs, such as, you are not deserving of so much good, or if it is too good to be, it can’t be true. You can’t take the old outdated issues with you into a new life, but you can release them and be free to live your best possible destiny.


3. Sometimes “bad things happen at good times” in order to direct your attention to an area of your life that is not working.

When things are going good, it might be really easy to ignore an area of your life that is not working. A life-interrupting problem may occur in order to re-direct your attention to the place in your life that really needs attention. Remember, all your energy needs to be in integrity in order to maintain a high vibration. If one area of your life is not working, your energy is out of alignment. The unexpected challenge may be a spotlight on what is not working in order for you to shift your focus and heal the area of your life that requires this attention.


4. Sometimes negative events unfold because we have grown too big for our own good.

Maybe you have been working on self-improvement for a long time and you finally reach a space where you are feeling really good and powerful. You are ready to celebrate when all of a sudden the ground is swiped from underneath you. What happened? Chances are you are experiencing what I have learned to call “The Humbling.” There is no better feeling than discovering ones power, and feeling as if you really do have power over your life. But, it is easy for this sense of power to go to your head and artificially inflate you to a status of superiority.

This ego-based power is achievable but not maintainable because it’s a false power built on false ideals. The Humbling often unfolds as a remedy to taking down this false power. Let’s be clear here. It is not that we aren’t powerful – we are powerful beyond measure, but there is a big difference between the sense of power that comes from the ego, which desires to have power over people and things, and the power that comes from the very source of who we are. The ego is not real in the first place – so how can it have power over anything? Power built on illusion is illusion. So, when our sense of power comes from illusion, eventually it must crumble. This isn’t bad news, because when false power is humbled, it opens the way for us to discover True Power that is at the core of our being. This sounds like a small shift when described in words, but it is a monumental shift when experienced in life.

5. Challenges may occur in the midst of everything going right because we need to grow into a higher and stronger version of ourselves.

Challenges often provide the most powerful way to transition to the next level of our personal evolution. Inherent in all challenges is the opportunity for transmutation. If you have a dream or desire to fulfill but you are not energetically aligned with your goal, challenges may appear in order to help you bridge that gap. In overcoming those challenges, you grow and evolve in such a way that you become the future you who is already living that dream.
If you should be struck by challenges in the midst of life going well, be careful not to tell yourself disempowering or negative stories about your situation. Instead, rise above negative story-telling and look for the opportunity in the challenge. In overcoming the challenge, what gifts might be available to you, and who will you become?

No matter how things may seem, life is always conspiring on your behalf. Even with its stresses and strife, life is asking you to wake up, release the past, and align with your highest and best version of self. If you have the courage and insight to look beyond circumstance, you will discover a sacred invitation to embrace your intrinsic power, which can only come from a pure connection to who you really are. That is the point.

With Grace & Gratitude 

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