Why Believe?

Nanice Ellis

Why believe in God?
Because our religions tell us to do so,
or because we are afraid not to - just in case?
Why believe in God?
God is not something that can be handed down
or passed from one to another by shear belief or tradition.
This is not God - this is the illusion of God.
God is a direct experience that cannot even be expressed in words.
This direct experience happens inside you - as you...
and unfolds out onto your world.
This is not about believing in god.
Maybe it comes first as a flutter or a brief moment of remembering.
Maybe a feeling of "everything is going to be okay" floods over you,
or a feeling of oneness strikes you out of nowhere.
Maybe it is just that flutter....
but it is not your imagination.
Don't dismiss even a brief second of this knowing.
Over time, the seconds accumulate
and the time lived in separation will be overcome
by the enormousness of even a single second of knowing...

In grace & gratitude,

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