Worried About Someone?

Nanice Ellis

It's natural to worry about the well- being of those we love
when it seems as if they are going down the wrong path.
We fear for their mistakes, challenges and failures,
but really, there is nothing to fear.

The same Source that cares for you and me
is within our friends, parents and children, as well.
The same Source that has awoken you and me
knows what it is doing in order to awaken those we love and cherish.

That same Spark of Light is within everyone of us.
No matter the path, it is the right one,
because that Light knows exactly where it is going
and what it is doing; ultimate success is guaranteed.

Here is the key that will set you (and them) free:
Instead of judging the journey of another, just Love them,
and as you do, you can let go, trust, and be witness to their Divine Unfolding.
Instead of worrying about them, which is really envisioning a negative outcome,
see them happy, healthy and abundant - and thank that Divine All Knowing Light Within
for all the good that inevitably comes to them - and to you!

In grace & gratitude,
Nanice Ellis

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