You Have the Power to Change the World!!

Nanice Ellis

You Have the Power to Change the World!

Do you ever have the feeling that you would like to make a difference in the world? Do you ever have the desire to make the world a better place, but you just don't know how? You are about to learn everything you need to know in order to make a profound and significant difference in the world - starting right now!

Everywhere you look there are opportunities to make a difference. Everywhere you go you have the ability to affect others in small ways that can change their lives forever. It doesn't take a lot of time or energy and won't cost you a thing. In fact, the pay-off will fill you with joy and gratitude, simply for being alive.

No matter where I travel in the world, I see people walking along the streets doing their very best not to make eye contact or connect with others in any way. I watch as they exert enormous amounts of unproductive energy in order to stay in their safe, isolated worlds. It is time that we all wake up from this unconscious "sleep-walking". Our world is begging for unity and connection - the further we have gotten away from universal harmony, the more desperate we are to get it back. It sounds like a daunting mission but it is all so easy to accomplish. Each one of us has the power to change the world - one smile at a time. It is not the huge, sudden traumas that change the world - it is the small yet consistent behaviors that change the world. We each play a significant part in that equation - simply by raising our consciousness and connecting harmoniously with others. It is a choice.

Making a difference in the world is the easiest thing to do - and if you are making it hard, then are you really making a difference? Starting today, you can choose to make a difference in the world by touching as many lives as possible. The opportunities are abundant - everywhere you look. You simply have to "look" and then choose to step forth and share your energy with another human being. Even five seconds of your time and energy can profoundly affect a person's day - and all the people that person knows. Energy is contagious!

If you are willing and able to be a "Carrier of Light", the very first things to do are:

See each other through the eyes of kindness and appreciation. Acknowledge each other with honor Smile at each other - because we are all one of a kind and part of the World Family. Say "Hello" - and mean it! Compliment others every chance you get - there is always something good to say if you look for it. Share the beautiful energy of your love. Pass along a good feeling - any way you can.

This is how we change the world! It is so simple! We change the world one smile at a time. We change the world by seeing each other through the eyes of love and kindness. We change the world by connecting in pure and positive ways every chance we get. Believe me - there are hundreds of chances every day. Every time you pass along a simple yet sincere smile, you affect someone's day. You give them a burst of perfect energy - inspiring them to pass along a smile themselves. Before you know it - a single smile that emanated from your heart and the curve of your mouth has been passed from person to person and changed lives in enormous proportion. A single smile can change the world - imagine that!

Now imagine how many people will be touched by you when you share your positive energy with everyone you come in contact with. Ask someone about their day and sincerely wait for the answer - and see how their mood lifts. Buy coffee for the person behind you in the Starbucks' line and feel their gratitude overflow - naturally they will want to pass it on. Hold the door for someone and wish them a great day - and watch how the sudden bounce in their step becomes contagious to others. You have the power to change the world simply by sharing your love and kindness for no reason at all - other than it feels so good to everyone - especially you.

As my children got older and started becoming aware of the world around them, they started asking me, "Mom, do you know that person?" I would always respond "Yes, of course, I know everyone". After a while, they started asking me how I could know everyone. I simply responded "Everyone is my friend - even if I have never met them before." Everywhere I look, I see friends - I see love. In most cases, I have never seen that person before but that is totally beside the point. Just because I haven't met someone doesn't mean that they should be ignored and not given love. True - some people are less receptive to a kind word or smile - but they need it even more! Of course they do - how silly to think otherwise! Luckily - I have an abundance of love and kindness to give and the more I give - the more I have. It's like a bottomless pit of pure love.

I am no different than you - you have the same abilities to share love and kindness with the world. All it takes is the intention to make a difference and the choice to really do so. If you were a lover of flowers, would you choose some flowers to appreciate and others to ignore? Or, would you love all flowers simply for being flowers? Become a lover of people - and then everyone you meet will be the most beautiful being you have ever encountered. I do realize that there are many people in this world who act out of fear, but that is the point. Every time we make decisions and close our hearts because we are afraid of those "fear-based" people, we become one of them - further perpetrating the problem. The answer must start with you and me - because we have the consciousness and courage to create change in this world simply by choosing love and kindness over fear.

How will your life change when you see everyone as a beautiful and amazing work of art? Imagine the gifts that can overflow from this shift in perspective.

Don't wait for huge opportunities to make a difference - they may or may not come. Make a difference today and every day from now on - simply by choosing to connect with others in pure and powerful ways, and watch your world change before your eyes. Be the contagious smile you want to catch. Be the twinkle you want to see in someone else's eyes!

From the book "LipPrints" by Nanice

With Grace and Gratitude
Nanice Ellis

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