Your Loving Ego!

Nanice Ellis

Your Loving Ego!The ego mind is a beautiful loving father who wants to keep us safe from harm and will do whatever it needs to do in order to protect us from getting hurt or losing ourselves. But this dear loving father also keeps us tied up in the back yard, for our own good he believes, inhibiting our ability to grow, learn and flourish into the magnificence of who we really are. When we get too close to a "dangerous" emotional situation that might destroy our beliefs about limitations, powerlessness, victimhood and loss, Father Ego roars like any good loving father would do and creates a distraction or divergence to protect us from these uncharted territories. Sometimes these distractions look like "problems", too much too do, finding something "wrong" with what you agreed to, etc..." Father Ego is very creative and will do whatever it takes to keep our perceived identities safe and intact. That is his job. I love him for it. There is another part of us, that is the mother calling us out to live our lives from our hearts. In such, this mother is our heart. She loves us so much, but instead of protecting us, she boosts us from the ledge when she knows that we are ready to fly. She fears not for our fall or failure; for she believes in us and knows the exact second we are ready. She never asks us to open our hearts and fly freely before that second has arrived. She loves us and in loving us she is us. For whatever we create, we are; and is us. Can you feel the infinite beauty in all of us? So here we all lie in the open arms of the mother while still feeling the protective harness of the father. What will we choose? What will serve our highest good? We are each being asked to choose. Will we move into unknown territories and look at ourselves for the first time, will we open our hearts and let love in, will we wake up and be present for our lives, will we forgive the unforgivable? Mother says "yes" and father says "at what cost?" Oh, but dear father is just beginning to see that the cost to hide ourselves, keep our hearts at bay and hold onto to grievances is much too great a cost to pay. For the cost is our life and what we have to offer life. How can we live our lives and give freely to life when we are tied up within our own webs of deceit proclaiming it protection and safety. In questioning the ties that bind us, we free ourselves to choose. To open up to life and let love in. To love ourselves fully and completely; just as our true mother has always done without conditions, hesitations or doubt. As women and men, we are her; she is us. Any moment in which you are awake is a good moment. Any moment indeed. There is so much love everywhere I look. That's all I see. And that's the point. That's all that I see. I Love You, Nanice

In grace & gratitude,

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