Your Power!

Nanice Ellis

Your power has been hidden from you.
We can blame the outside world of parents, peers, teachers, and those in authority,
but that just furthers the dynamics of keeping your power out of reach.
As soon as we blame another, we have given them our power.

Trying to get your power back from others is a waste of time.
They don't really have it, and it will just keep you from what it rightly yours.

There are only two questions:
Where is my power hidden?
How do I activate it?

Your power is hidden where you would least expect to find it.
Your power is not hidden on top of a mountain, at the bottom of the sea
or anywhere in between.
Your power is hidden inside you. This is the only place your power can be.
There have been endless distractions that have kept you from finding your power.
At times, you have almost been there, but something other called your attention
and you willingly went astray.

What is the key to finding and unlocking your power?
You must be mentally and emotionally worthy of your power.
Accessing this power through an immature mind or closed heart,
could create havoc in your life. So you have wisely hidden it from yourself,
and asked the world of illusion to support you in this way.
Everyone and everything has been of service to you in assisting you
to keep your power hidden, until you were worthy of such unlimited and intense power.
Feel this.

No one has been against you.
Everyone has been for you.

If forces outside you seem to keep you down, you are not worthy of your power.
If you can see through these forces (these masks of illusion) and you can see the truth,
you are worthy of your power.

If you cannot control your mind and you think thoughts of judgment, jealousy, anger,
you are not worthy of this power. Imagine casting someone you love down, because they made you angry for a moment.

For you to discover this power, you must stop being your own worst critic and judge.
You must stop giving your power away to others.
You must stop thinking anyone knows better than you.
You must stop degrading yourself.

To be worthy of this power,
you must take complete and absolute responsibility for everything in your life;
this is not being responsible for others.
This is being the cause of everything.
This is correcting problems in yourself and not in someone else.

You must believe in yourself.
You must defeat doubt.
You must forgive.
You must train your mind to be your servant.
You must trust.
You must know yourself to be worthy.

To embrace this power, you must remember who you really are,
and you must embody this truth in every aspect of your life.

You are powerful beyond belief.
Do whatever it takes to uncover this treasure within you.

In grace & gratitude,

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