True Self Coaching/Mentoring

Awakening as your True Self is not the destination nor end of the road, but, rather, marks the beginning of a brilliant new life. Living as your True Self is the answer you have been seeking and the key to consciously creating the life you desire.

Is True Self Coaching/Mentoring for you?

The 4 questions to help you decide:

1 - Are you living as your false self?

By bridging the gap to your True Self, you have the power to make a Quantum Jump to a new life.

Most people are not happy, healthy, fulfilled or abundant because they are unconsciously living as their false selves, and don’t even know it. When the false self is in charge, we hide behind masks and pretend to be someone we are not, while underlying fear, worry and insecurity derail innate purpose.

Living as the false self often manifests as self-sabotaging or unconscious behaviors, internal blocks, worthiness issues, resistance, lack of clarity, doubts, fears, blocked creativity, etc… Rather than blaming the false self, there is a permanent cure - waking up as your True Self!

Since your True Self is who you really are, your True Self holds the key to everything you desire; whether you seek purpose, prosperity, fulfillment, health or meeting your ideal romantic partner, the True You holds the answer!

Although your True Self is who you really are, before you can live as this authentic self, you must awaken as your True Self, and with nothing woo-woo or religious about it, this is the real meaning of awakening, and the one thing everyone is secretly seeking.

2 - What does it mean to live as your True-Self?

As your True-Self, you are fully alive, confident and uninhibited in creative expression. Without masks or excuses, you don’t do one thing to get another, and you don’t justify your actions or play parts that don’t suit you. As you approach life with an openness to new experiences, you courageously express your authentic self - speak your truth, dance your dance, sing your song, and follow inner guidance every step of the way! By choosing yourself for the starring role of your life, authenticity allows you to be in sync with the flow and rhythm of the Universe!

True Self Mentoring is designed to help you:

  • Understand awakening and what it means to wake-up as your True Self
  • Transcend the false self (ego) and live as your True-Self
  • Identify hidden subconscious programming that prevents creative expression
  • Break free of old programming and uncover your purpose
  • Embrace intrinsic power through authentic self-expression
  • Utilize the secrets of manifestation as your True Self
  • Claim unconditional worth
  • Stop worrying about what others think or say
  • Identify and avoid Ego Pitfalls along the way, and much more!

3 - How does True Self Mentoring work?

True Self Coaching/Mentoring is designed to address everything you ever wanted to know about awakening, conscious creation and self-empowerment, but had no one to ask. With clarity and simplicity, I will guide you through insights and shifts that will change the way you live life.

Since my work is unique for each person, the first thing I do is learn your language and energetically meet you were you are. As I listen consciously and get to know you, I’ll probably ask questions you’ve never considered before, and I’ll help you identify patterns, enlighten blind-spots, make connections, pinpoint core issues, and help you peel away the layers of the false-self while releasing blocks, disempowering beliefs, and other sticky issues.

Using Higher Level Communication and intuitive ability, I will help you go deeper and understand more than you can alone, and, as a result, you’ll experience the kind of powerful insights and pivotal shifts that lead to higher levels of consciousness. With over twenty years’ professional experience and diversified training, I offer a keen ability to understand the relationship between the conscious, subconscious and superconscious minds and how to work with all three in order to create permanent shifts that reveal the True You.

Through a unique combination of spiritual principals, human dynamics, Neuro Linguistic Programming, various consciousness techniques, and a lot of love and compassion, my job is to help you make inner shifts and take inspired actions that result in real life changes.

Moreover, I can help you understand your life in such a way that your past and present make sense, and while integrating insights, you will develop greater understanding for the journey you have been on, and the one that lies ahead.

You'll also learn powerful manifestation tricks, tools, and proven techniques that allow you to effectively work with the quantum field to create the life you most desire. With empowering support/guidance, a lot of fine tuning, and a little laughter and playfulness along the way, you can expect our journey to be immensely rewarding.

4 – Who do I work with?

You are someone who is not new to the path; you have done the work, taken responsibility for your life, and you’re not afraid to look within and go deep. Now that you are ready for the next level, it no longer suits you to hide in the shadows of your True Self, or worry about what others think or say. Indeed, you know it is time to claim your place in the world - to shine your light, sing your song and dance your dance. It is time to be who you really are and live consciously from the awakened state. You are a unique masterpiece awaiting full expression.

Whether you are experiencing transition in your purpose, relationships or path, you are ready to create a life based on the dreams and desires of your True Self.

With respect to everyone on their unique journey, I work best with people who are in Stage 4 or 5 of awakening or transitioning from stage 3 to 4 or stage 4 to 5. Click here to read the 5 Stages of Awakening.

Coaching/Mentoring Program Fees and Structure

Single Session

  • Individual one on one session
  • Worldwide availability
  • 90 minutes per session
  • One Session

$575.00 usd

Credit cards accepted via PayPal

Three Sessions

  • Individual one on one sessions
  • Worldwide availability
  • 90 minutes per session
  • Email support between sessions

$1557.00 usd

Credit cards accepted via PayPal

Six Sessions

  • Individual one on one sessions
  • Worldwide availability
  • 90 minutes per session
  • Email support between sessions

$2880.00 usd

Credit cards accepted via PayPal

Nine Sessions

  • Individual one on one sessions
  • Worldwide availability
  • 90 minutes per session
  • Email support between sessions

$3997.00 usd

Credit cards accepted via PayPal

If you are a first time client, I offer a discounted introductory session; full 90 minute session for $397.00 USD (the single session regular price is $575.00USD). To take advantage of this offer, click here to begin.

If you are interested in True Self Mentoring/Coaching, please contact me to see if we are a good fit.
To request an Introductory Session, click here.

Not quite ready? I offer a free 7 part Spiritual Awakening Teleseries
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Sometimes we make excuses for living unfulfilling lives, such as, “If I knew what I was supposed to do, I would do it,” but without first being our True Selves, we cannot discern purpose or discover lasting fulfilment. Nanice

Your one and only purpose is to be you!

That’s it, your purpose is to experience and express your True-Self – simply to be your real authentic self.

The Infinite Universe specifically manifested You, and through You, the mystery and magic of the Universe is revealed! You were carefully created, right down to the most minuscule details, and after providing you with the perfect blueprint for everything you would need, you were intentionally sent to this plane of existence to experience life as only you could, and, as such, through you the Universe experiences a special version of life that only you can provide.

Just by being you!

Your perceptions, opinions and preferences are unique and in their uniqueness they are sacred. Through your eyes, ears, thoughts and all your finely tuned senses, your journey is one of a kind and can never be duplicated or repeated. Just by being you, the entire Universe expands and Consciousness ggrid-xs.

Your Prime Purpose is to be your True-Self, but you might be thinking, “There has to be more to life than just being me. What about having some purpose in life?

Your Dream Holds the Key

The purpose of your life is revealed through your personal dream; much like a spiritual blue print for your life, your dream contains instructions on your path, and this usually means providing contribution in some way.

By being your True Self, listening to inner guidance and trusting intuitive perceptions, you have the ability to access your dream, the gifts and abilities to fulfill it, and the inspiration to see it through. You may not receive the full vision initially, because, oftentimes, we are only shown the next step and as we take that step, the following one is revealed, and so on, until the dream has manifested as our divine path. We are not required to live this dream, but when we do, our happiness level is increased and when we don't, it feels like something is missing.

Since this dream can only be fulfilled as your True Self, if you deny your core purpose of being you, you misalign with your Best Possible Destiny.

Please take the time to reflect on the following questions:

  • In what areas of life are you purely authentic?
    What is it like?
  • In what areas of life are you suppressing your real self?
    How is it impacting you?
  • In what relationships are you open and expressive?
    What is it like?
  • In what relationships are you suppressing your real self?
    How is it impacting you?
  • If you stopped worrying about what others think or say, who would you be?
    How would that change your life?
  • What actions and behaviors would you need to express to be your authentic self?

Like-minded People Who Share Your Vision

We are each here to express the beauty of individual creativity through our unique gifts, specific talents and authentic curiosity, ultimately, resulting in innovation and collaboration for all. This collective dance of co-creation has the power to transform life on earth, but we must all play our parts.

By living as your True Self, you are naturally in sync with the Universe, from which all abundance flows, and you are also able to unite with like-minded people who share your vision and choose to contribute.

When we are connected to Source, the wisdom and guidance that we receive is in harmony with the wisdom and guidance of everyone who is also plugged in as their True-Selves, and, as such, we are each given intuitive direction regarding our unique piece of the puzzle, and our piece fits perfectly with all the other pieces. This guidance includes every detail: how to live our lives, how to relate to each other, what to do (and not do) and how to treat our home planet for sustainable living. Because the same One Mind works through each of us, world harmony is inevitable. When we believe that we are separate, we must fight, compete and get ahead, but when we remember that we come from the same Oneness, we naturally support each other through unconditional love and mutual empowerment.

As more of us experience our True-Selves on a consistent basis, and we come together, a powerful and positive dynamic unfolds. All our relationships evolve into higher expressions of co-creative collaboration, while our closest relationships have the potential to elevate us into an enlightened realm of utopian possibilities - one we have yet to manifest on this planet.

Abundance and wellbeing are natural byproducts of conscious and awake beings living as their True and Wise Selves, and as we connect with each other through our individual True-Selves, we embrace the joy and peace that naturally accompanies Oneness. We are not diminished through Oneness, but, instead, our unique expression shines through and we expand exponentially as individual expressions of divinity.

If you check one or more, True Self Mentoring may be for you:

Would you like to...?

Master manifestation and understand Conscious Creation

Increase abundance

Experience deeper and more meaningful relationships

Renew energy and vitality

Make a difference through your passion

Live your purpose

Express creativity

Laugh and have more fun

Increase peace and freedom

Improve Inner Guidance

Speak your truth and improve connection

Create deeper spiritual connection

Take inspired action

Step into your power

Claim your worth

Increase levels of consciousness

Explore and express creative gifts

Identify, develop, fine tune and master intuitive gifts

Empaths - sensitive - how not to take on others energy

Cultivate more meaningful relationships

Live in the moment

Dissolve karma

Master emotions

Gain access to inner power without ego control

Master the art of letting go and surrendering to a higher power

If you are interested in True Self Mentoring/Coaching, please contact me to see if we are a good fit.
To request an Introductory Session, click here.

Not quite ready? I offer a free 7 part Spiritual Awakening Teleseries
click here to sign up now or for more information.

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