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As 2012 quickly comes to a close, a New Era is born. You might not notice a vast difference, or even any at all. This new era is a time of heaven or a time of hell. It is what you make of it, as all eras before. The difference is that as the consciousness of the planet has increased and evolved, our ability to get what we think has also increased. If we have become responsible for all our thoughts, this is heaven, but if our thoughts still think themselves, this is indeed hell. In the past, we had some wiggle room to figure it all out, but the time of wiggle room is done and gone. We have reached a spiritual adulthood of sorts, but not every adult is prepared and ready for the responsibility and opportunity. LIFE, being a Wise and Kind mother, now pushes each of us, in the direction of maturity and self responsibility, presenting our individual issues, blocks and challenges to us on a golden platter. Intensifying the stress and pressure until we have a breakthrough. This is a not a time to fear, but rather a time to embrace and praise; it is the time we have all been waiting for; the time we came here for. It is the time we free ourselves from our imaginary chains and prisons. It is the time we let go of the illusion and embrace the true reality, that exists within each and every one of us. It is the time we forgive ourselves and each other for any imagined wrong doings, and we replace fear and judgment with Love. To create your personal heaven on earth, you must do the one thing that you can do. You must Master your thoughts. Instead of your thoughts thinking your thoughts, and taking you on a wild roller coaster ride to hell and back. You must choose thoughts that support your journey back to Love. Not just when it is easy and convenient, but all the time. When you realize that life imitates your thoughts and nothing is really happening Out-There, entertaining thoughts of worry, anger and fear, show themselves as useless and senseless. If your thoughts create your reality, it seems insane to keep thinking and believing thoughts that get you more of what you don't want. The greatest news is that you have the power to create the life you most desire, simply by becoming master of your thoughts. No one can do this for you. This is why you can't wait for someone else to change; there is no one else to change. But once YOU change, everyone else will change. You will have become Master of your own personal universe, and will, indeed, live in a New Era of Heaven on Earth. Divine Love & Light to You, Nanice www.Nanice.com

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