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As soon as you try to change another, you dis-empower yourself. 

You cannot change another because the issue is always in you.
In order to effect the outside world, you must release the issue in you.
Because you see, there is no outside world...outside of you.
The outside world is a manifestation of your consciousness.
The only thing that you are ever experiencing is your own consciousness.

Is there anything at all that you are not experiencing through your personal consciousness? Really think about this.

The thing is, you are not just experiencing life through your consciousness, you are first and foremost creating life through your consciousness. The world, as you know it, is a reflection of you.

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Do You Have A Dream
Your Dreams are meant to be realized!

The way in which Life speaks to you is through giving you a dream and the inspiration to fulfill that dream. Each one of us is given a personal dream. This dream is much like a spiritual blue print for our lives. We are not required to live this dream, but when we do, our happiness level is increased and when we don't, it can feel as if something is missing.

Sometimes we know what this dream is but we've gotten in the way of the dream by allowing fear, issues and excuses to stand in the way. Other times, we don't even know what the dream is because we have also allowed fear, issues and excuses to block our clarity and inspiration. The years leading up to now were a great time of releasing, re-aligning and healing.We have now entered the time to manifest our greatest dreams.

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The Pledge

The Pledge is an agreement you make to yourself. By committing to this agreement, you will have chosen to align with your highest good and the highest good of all. The Pledge is about personal and global transformation. It is simple yet holds the power to transform your life; and the World! If even 1% of the people on this planet take the pledge, the Earth, herself, will transform and we, the children of Earth, will experience The Harmonic Evolution (THE!)

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