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Special Book Offer for

Dear Wake Up World Readers,
We are each here to make a difference in manifesting a New Dream. To support you on your journey, I am offering 4 of my most popular books for only $20.00 USD plus shipping.  If sold separately, they retail for more than $60.00.  If you prefer a digital version, the cost is $10.00 for all four books. Use the link below to order at this special price.

 You will receive:

  • The Infinite Power of You! 
    22 Secrets to Unlocking your personal and spiritual power. Reclaiming your infinite power means discovering who you really are and having the courage to express the real you. Discovering your real powerful self is a prerequisite for experiencing freedom, peace, love, abundance and everything you have ever desired. The 22 secrets contained in this book will guide you to reclaim and express the greatest most powerful you. If you knew you possessed Infinite and Intrinsic Power, right now, who would you be? What kind of life would you live?

  • Even Gandhi got Hungry and Buddha Got Mad!
    A transformational workbook that will change your life. With work, kids, chores and cell phones, how do you maintain your spiritual integrity? It's easy to express your spirituality when life is going the way you want it to, but what happens when your days are not long enough, your car breaks down, and your significant other is driving you crazy? It is the challenge of the modern day seeker to find his or her spiritual "center" in the middle of "everyday chaos".  You are about to discover the secrets to making everyday the spiritual adventure it is meant to be and living the glorious gift of your very own life.  Breakthrough your own disempowering stories once and for all and create the life you truly desire! 

  • LipPrints
    Simple yet profound ways to make a difference in your world. Your power to change the world lies in the little, every day things that you do, as well as the energy and intention in which you do them.  If everyone did at least one good deed every day, our world would harmonize before our eyes.  World Change is easy because World Change is a choice.  This book is intended to awaken you to the simple, yet profound, choices that you can make every day, so that you can be the change that you want to see in the world.

  • ZestPoint - The Power of Choice!
    Manifest the life you desire through the power of choice. ZestPoint will empower you with essential knowledge in creating the life you truly desire. Miracles Happen, Magic Happens - Nothing Happens until you Choose. Discover how the Power of Choice can change your life. This book will allow you to put the law of attraction to work for you!

Please select the link that applies to your delivery destination and book format. All prices are in U.S Dollars.

U.S. Delivery - $20.00 plus $5.00 shipping

International Delivery - $20.00 plus $16.95 shipping

Digital E book Option - $10.00



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