Exiting the Matrix with Ayahuasca

Nanice Ellis

Have you ever sensed that “something” is just not right about reality – like there is an important secret on the verge of being revealed?

The character Neo in the Matrix represents the part of us who knows that there is more to this convoluted game of life than meets the eye.

Humanity has been asleep under a heavy cloak of lies for a very long time. Because our ancestors were drugged with disillusionment and disempowerment, through no fault of their own, disempowering beliefs have been transferred from generation to generation, growing stronger and more believable with each passing of the baton.

We have been living in a fog of convoluted misperceptions, and as an inevitable consequence, we have been unknowingly living our lives as a slave society. Our planet is lush and abundant and is divinely designed to provide more than enough for every inhabitant, but a dark spell of disempowerment has been cast over humanity.

Disempowerment is the core cause of most world issues and personal issues, including poverty, disease, loneliness and depression – and it is the prime contributor of daily overwhelm and stress. We believe that we are free because we don’t see constraining prison-bars, but don’t let “reality” fool you. The prison-bars are all around us – they may be invisible to the naked eye, but they are very real and extremely constraining. As we go through our normal days, we don’t realize that we are behaving like fearful inmates; at the mercy of systematic rules and laws that disempower each of us, we are afraid to lose what little we have.

Living in perpetual low-grade fear that there is “not enough,” we unconsciously give away the quality and quantity of our lives, just to support ourselves and care for our offspring. It seems normal and natural because we have been doing it for so long and because most everyone is doing the same, but this is not the way life was meant to be lived.

Do not fret – this is not cause for alarm. This is cause for awakening!

But, how do you awaken when you are trapped in the illusion and can’t find the exit door?

Nature may hold the key to our awakening. Ayahuasca and other plant medicines offer the inherent ability to wake us up, out of the illusion, and if we are ready and willing, we may even be shown how to exit the matrix of reality. During altered states of consciousness, we might remember who we really are, heal personal issues, overcome disempowerment and even create out of the box solutions to debilitating world and personal issues. Only when we are free from humanity’s hypnotic trance can we finally see over and above the complex construct of control and disempowerment.

Certainly, Ayahuasca is not for everyone, but ask yourself, “Where would Neo be if he never took the red pill?”

For over three decades, I relentlessly searched for answers in endless books, philosophies, teachers and all sorts of “ologies”- even traveling the world, looking for answers in ancient sacred sites. Although I discovered an astounding amount of knowledge, my quest remained unfulfilled.

Desperate to wake up, I did the very thing that I swore I would never do - I went to the Amazon and I drank the sacred tea of Ayahuasca. My world was shaken loose from the inside out; my beliefs challenged, my fears demonstrated and my shadows revealed. At times, it was brutal, but the end result was exactly what I was seeking, making the journey of self-discovery and awakening worth every bump and bruise along the way. I'm not saying that I never would have awoken without the use of plant medicine. I'm just saying that after three decades of searching, I still hadn't.

Remember Your Mission

You came into this world knowing that a certain number of people on earth would have to awaken in order to reach the threshold where awakening would spread like a pandemic, and I am here to remind you that you chose to participate.

Your unique part in global awakening is taking the personal journey from powerless to empowered, unconscious to conscious, asleep to awake.

Living in a dense 3D world, we knew that we would forget our mission, and we needed a way to wake ourselves up. Pain and suffering is a great wake-up call but, let’s face it, there are not many effective modalities of healing or waking up from reality. We needed to leave ourselves a way to awaken and remember why we came here. Consider that plant medicines (and even the innovation of mind-altering substances) were intentionally put in place by a divine source, as a means of facilitating humanity’s awakening.

Certainly, some make the journey from unconscious to conscious without the assistance of any substances, but many more do. 

This article is simply to plant the seed of possibility – to remind you that there are alternative methods that facilitate healing and have the ability to reunite you with your True-Self and the memory of your mission on this journey of life.

Mind-altering substances are not right for everyone, but, if you do feel a calling, take plenty of time to prepare, learn everything you can about the substance you are considering, create a ceremonious space for your journey and make sure that you are in a positive and safe setting, preferably with an experienced guide who can help you navigate any tough aspects of the experience, if need be. In addition, because the post-integration process can be confusing or challenging at times, it is extremely beneficial to work with an experienced guide or mentor who can support your post-journey integration.

What would it be like to live outside the Matrix of Reality?

Imagine living in a conscious and awake world, where each of us plays our unique part in a thriving civilization – replacing the forty plus hour work week with enjoyable contribution that empowers us to express our gifts and talents, with plenty of time for family, friends and personal wellbeing.

We are meant to be creative beings who innovate solutions for sustainable living, brilliant inventors who collaborate for the advancement of humanity and fearless explorers who travel the planet harmoniously, as brothers and sisters reuniting as family. We are meant to be free!


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In grace & gratitude,


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